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    Question chinese???

    hello lovely ladies!!!!

    i have a question, we have been invited to go to a bday party at t achinese restaurant and im nervous about what i can eat????

    it a place we regularly go, and the food always comes out pipinghot and looks well cooked...

    my question ins, what is off the menu for me other thatn seafood of course, btu cani still eat teh chicken and meat and rice dishes? my fav is lemon chiken and its always been hot and crispy....
    we usually get a banquet which is a range of liek 6 or 7 dishes and everybody shares.....but it includes steamed dumplings that probably haev seafood in them... i really want to go, just need advice as to what i have to stay away from!!

    so do you think its safe to eat?
    would really love feedback!!! thanks in advance!!!!!

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    Hi, I'm no expert on this, but I've been told by my Dr (after a horrible bout of food poisoning) that rice can easily harbour the bad bacteria and it's actually worse for that than any of meat dishes! Hope that helps.

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