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Thread: deceptively delicious??

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    Default deceptively delicious??

    At playgroup today we got to talking about hiding vegies in food to get our toddlers to eat! Jessica Seinfield has a new cook book out called Deceptively Delicious with (from the sounds of things) lots of fantastic ideas, so far i can not find it available in Aus only in the US and i do not have a credit card so will not be ordering one off the net, I will wait for it to arrive in book stores here. One of the girls bought in some choc muffins for the kids made with pumpkin and broccolli (one of her recipes)and they were a huge hit, so my question is
    Does anyone have any recipes to share that are deceptively delicious (esp in the eyes of toddlers)?
    If so i would love to have them as my DD loves fruit but is not a fan of vegies etc.

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    My hubby works for Angus and Robertson and they sell it there. He got it for me. If its not on the shelf, just ask a staff member and they order it for you.
    By the way its a brilliant book!

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    That is lame

    So WHAT if there are two books with the same title!! Surley there are more that one book for diabetics!! PLAIN SILLY
    The book sounds good though, wonder if it would work for husbands

    Want to add:
    you can grate about anything into mince. Like grating carrots and zuccini into mince and making spagetti bol with it, or grating in some peppers and some mushrooms for shepard's pie, or grating butternut and pumpkin into mince for pasta sauce.

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