thread: Entering the wonderfull world of COOKING ... awwweee

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    Talking Entering the wonderfull world of COOKING ... awwweee

    So after kicking up a storm and not liking to cook and being just stubborn, I have made the choice to like cooking. Lots of issues (yes you can read DH) that prevented me from experimenting and doing new stuff, but that is behind us and I just wanted to tell ya all that you will be hearing alot from me from now on. Some silly questions to some down right STUPID questions, so be warned

    Just to put this in the right perspective ... I'm not a food-nut. I don't like fancy food, I like home-made-by-mamma-food. Stews, Roasts ect. Comfort food.

    In this month alone I made more dishes off of recipes than in my WHOLE married life. Actually, I cooked more the past three months than I can remember. And DH has been a real peach ... testing everything and giving honest opinions without being a A-hole.

    I made:

    Pepperment tart
    Banana-Caramel tart
    Baked Cheesecake
    Chocolate Chip Chelsea Rolls
    Cheese Scones
    Chicken and Baby Pear Bake
    Spinach and Cauliflower Cheese Gratin
    Chicken and Rice Bake

    On the menu for this weekend I have:

    Baked marrows with salami and cheese
    and Blueberry Flapjacks -- yummo!!!

    I just wanted a spot where I can brag about it I'm so proud of myself!!!

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    woo hoo well done!
    once you start to eat yummy food youll love making it even more.
    even better that your dh will finally take his head out of his bum to try it!yay!!heheh

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    well done to both you and your DH

    i wish my DF would eat the treats i make. he'd prefer to buy them (things like lamingtons instead of eating the ones i made for him).