thread: Feta & Cauli Soup

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    Jan 2008

    Feta & Cauli Soup

    Hiya folks,

    I made my fave soup for lunch today for the first time in almost a year - I had forgotten how yummy (& easy to make) it is so I thought I'd share it with you all.

    I only make a bowl each for DH and I so be warned the amounts aren't huge, but it is very filling!

    You'll need:
    - approx. 130g feta chopped/crumbled
    - approx. 300g cauliflower
    - curry powder
    - black pepper

    It's as easy as:
    - bring pot of water to boil then add cauliflower and curry powder to taste
    - once cauli is cooked, drain and retain 'curry water'
    - put cauli & feta in food processor or use stick blender to blend into soup - adding curry water to achieve whatever soup consistency you prefer
    - serve into bowls, crack some black pepper over the top and enjoy!

    Well I hope you enjoy anyways - we find it so quick and easy to make, very delicious, and sometimes have a cracker or piece of toast with it. You can tweak the amounts to suit your taste too....


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    Oct 2008
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    I'm putting that recipe on my list of soups for Winter. I already make a curried cauliflower and zucchini one so this sounds good too. I just made my first soup yesterday. Tomato and veggie.