thread: A great banana milkshake recipe?!

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    A great banana milkshake recipe?!

    I know this sounds weird but I hate bananas. I cannot eat them without wanting to gag but I love fake banana! I like banana quik, banana paddlepops etc... so I am looking for a great banana milkshake recipe with real bananas if anyone knows of one (trying to be healthy here LOL), which isn't thick with banana bits?! I know vanilla essence is often used in milkshakes but if anyone knows a killer recipe I would love to know!

    Kelly xx

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    Hi Kelly, try a cup of milk, a large scoop of vanilla yoghurt, a tsp of honey, a pinch of cinnamon & a banana. chop the bananna and blend that first adding a little milk at a time to get all the lumbs out. i used to have this every morning for breakkie.

    if you want it thicker, you can use a scoop of ice cream, orvitari for something healthier.

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    I love Wendy's banana thickshake, but dont want to have them now as they contain (I think) soft serve icecream which I heard you should avoid during Pregnancy...

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    half a banana
    tbsp honey
    1/2 -1 tsp nutmeg
    scoop of ice cream or yoghurt
    enough milk for the thickness you want

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