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Thread: HELP!!! Leg of lamb!!

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    Amelia Guest

    Red face HELP!!! Leg of lamb!!

    Okay, as I have today off now I am going to do my leg of lamb for dinner tonight.

    My dilemma is that I normally cook it in the slow cooker cause we either go out for the day or we are at work but because I am going to be home I want to cook it in the oven. But I have never done it in the oven before!!!!

    So do I do it just like in the slow cooker 500g grams to 45 mins???

    I know to do it in an oven bag so it keeps moist, but that is it - I know nothing else!!


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    what ever you do dont cook it that long

    ok this is a nice way to cook it also doesn't need to go in a oven bag if you dont want I dont use them except they keep oven clean

    allow at least 20min per 500grms + a extra 20 mon over

    cook in a hot oven for 10 min 230c then drop it down to 180c for the remander of time, if it is a large peice of meat it may require a little longer, you can piece the meat and if the juice is clear its cooked, also lamb is cooked when its starts to come away from the bone

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    Amelia Guest


    Cool thanks Rach......I was just going by what my slow cooker book says I thought it would be the same!! LOL

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    I do the same as Rach, and but go for 30 mins at the higher heat. I also just put a bit of oil in the bottom of the pan to stop it sticking and to use as a baste. I chuck all the vegies in when the heat is turned down and baste the meat with the juices/oil. Then every 30 mins till it's cooked i baste the meat and veg again. Once you take it out let it rest for about 15 mins to let the juices settle and it will be delicious and juicy...I then turn the heat up a bit again and give the veg and extra burst so they go all crunchy whist the meat is resting.

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