thread: How long??

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    Sep 2008
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    How long??

    How long can you keep rice in the fridge before you have to throw it out??

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    Jun 2008

    You will probably hear different opinions on this, but really it should not be kept - more than a day. If you want to keep it for making salad then make sure you cool it and refridgerated it properly.
    Best not to re-heat though, but if you do make sure you reheat so PIPING hot, ok

    Although I`m sure I have never had food poisoning from rice, it is apparently a very high risk for bad bacteria growing - I had to take an exam run my the British food safety and handling authourity years ago and rice was something they made a point of.

    eta - because of the associated risk I never ate rice when I pregnant unless it was freshly boiled. So no re heating or rice salad or sushi etc
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    rice can be kept covered in the fridge for 2 days. It can only be reheated once though after it is cooked for safety reasons.
    As Salsa said though, it does need to be HOT.
    Rice is a high risk food due to the moisture content. Bacteria LOVE moisture! lol

    If you are making fried rice or rice salad, cook the rice and lay it out on a tray, as thin as possible and put it straight into the fridge so it can cool properly and quickly. Give it a russle around with a fork every little while too so you dont get any hot spots