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Thread: Island themed food??

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    Default Island themed food??

    Help me people!!

    I need ideas for things to make for a island theme food day at work.

    What can I make???

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    Not sure what type of food you are looking for or type of workplace, but:
    Coconut ice
    ham and pineapple pinwheels
    lifesavers (meringue looking rings filled with cream and jam
    sunken subs- hot dog rolls filled with canned spag, ham and cheese
    popcorn peals- toffeed popcorn strung as 'pearls'
    fish bites- crumbs mini fish pieces and dipping sauce
    frozen banana bites- banana thirds dipped in melted choc and nuts on a postick
    beach baby jellies- cupcake papers filled with jelly (water), crumbed biscuits (sand), jelly baby (on the beach), a lifesaver lolly and a ****tail beach umbrella (My Fav)

    These are all from a kid's party book I have so if you want more details of any let me know.

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    Anything with fruit or seafood.

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    What about some Jamacan Jerk kebabs or something? Some meatballs with Jerk seasoning?
    Coconuts with the tops cut off and a coconut and pineapple juice
    I do like the idea of bananas frozen dipped in chocolate yum!
    lamingtons (Australia is an island )

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