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Thread: Luncheon Ideas!!!

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    Okay we've had a change of pace LOL.

    One of the girls attending is leaving to holiday in England for 10 weeks So I have decided to make it special for her.

    I am thinking of doing a roast quail? I've never had it before but it looks pretty fancy LOL? What does everyone think? Should I do roast vegies with it or something else perhaps?

    I am thinking a baked cheesecake for dessert as that is her favourite but I'm not sure which type yet...

    I'm also thinking stuffed mushrooms for appetisers... or something along those lines?

    And yes these girls are big eaters BTW lol!

    We're having it Tuesday week so I'm getting excited! Hopefully I can pull it off!
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    I think it all sounds lovely Lea! You're so lovely to make it special for your friend. Stuffed mushrooms are always nice and will go nicely with the planned main. You will do a wonderful job!

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