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Thread: Marinated Pork Roast... and vegies. Help!!

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    Default Marinated Pork Roast... and vegies. Help!!

    I have a small Marinated Pork Roast to cook... and have never ever roasted one before... what do I do?
    Does it make a difference that it is marinated to how I would prepare it/put it in the oven??

    How does everyone get the best results with roasting their veggies? I wanted to do potatoes, carrots, and tomatoes...

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    You would cook it as a normal roast i.e basting every once in a while and the like. With pork I find that if you slow roast it it is much more tender. Also with marinade meats they tend to be tender already so I dont roast them in the oven, I have an electric frypan that I do them in then after the meat is done and I take out the juices for gravy, I cook my veges ( with the potatoes I par boil them before hand) in the frypan. If you wanted to do them in the oven though par boil potatoes, when they have cooled a bit pop them in a bowl with carrot pieces and add a bit of melted butter, black pepper and thyme. Roast until golden brown in a 210-220degree oven. I found better results in a ceramic dish for roasting veges too.

    Sorry not sure about tomatoes, I've never done them before.

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    Not to sure about the pork - I don't eat it and when I roast it for everyone else I just have a plain one sprinkled with a bit of salt and chuck in the oven for a few hours - I know you don't want to undercook pork.

    I usually par boil the spuds then roast for about 2 hours (I have a slow oven). Just roast the carrots as is and I would do the tomatoes for maybe 45 mins?? (I don't normally roast them ) or serve them fresh.

    Good DH wishes I cooked pork more often!!

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