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Thread: Need Idea For Fridays Dinner For 4

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    Kristielee Guest

    Default Need Idea For Fridays Dinner For 4

    Hi all just having a mental blank and want something kinda easy yet impressive for dinner guests (4 adults 2 kids) on Friday can anyone give me an idea on some yummy recipes....?? Doesnt have to be for kids though as I can make them something different. Problem is My girlfriends hubby doesnt like a lot of vegies (Woo's) and spicy food.... What to do?? I was thinking Lasagne but need more ideas

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    How about a nice:
    1. Chicken and corn soup
    2. Sweet and sour chicken/beef
    3. Potato Bake
    4. Fresh garden salad
    5. Stirfry-maybe just a few vegies and a meat

    Man im gettin hungry thinking about food!! Theres a few ideas!

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    bubbaangle Guest


    i would reccomend
    toblerone yum
    cheese and spinach.. cobb loaf dip
    mince balls with bacon wrapped around, nepolatania sauce...very nice
    or even brazilian home made pizza.

    if u want any recipes email me
    [email protected]

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    If you have the budget for salmon a very impressive yet easy dish I have done many times is coconut rice with pan fried salmon on top and strips of thin peeled cucumber, thin slices of mango and thin slices of avocado. You then pour a dressing over the top of sweet chilli and lime juice.

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    Amelia Guest


    Ohhhh YUMMMMM MelH....

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    you can try garlic prawns...
    just get prawns, garlic and butter stick it in a really hot oven for 5-15 mins dep o how much you have and they cook in their own steam - cover the dish tho.
    serve with rice and a really nice crisp salad or roast vegies.
    you can get a kilo of frozen prawns from safeway for $25. thats what i use and the butter sause goes well over the steamed rice!!! so easy and so yummy.

    for desert just get a cake or chocolate self saucing pudding - my fav!!!!

    simple and very yummy!!! impressed my inlaws!!

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    Kristielee Guest

    Talking Thankyou girls

    I have no idea what to pick....... I'm thinking I will do the Toblerone cheese cake for dessert still not sure on the main hmmm they all sound so good but at the moment I feel so crappy with nausea etc that I couldnt think of anything worse than eating right now And I love my food normally so this is really annoying... Good old comfort food might be the go for main they all sound good May have to decide on the day on what I can stomach Thankyou so much girlies will let you know how I go xo Kristie

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    Chicken Parmigiana
    Some kind of pasta dish (chicken and mushroom, carbonara, bolognaise)
    Stew and dumplings
    A curry
    Homemade pie (big or individuals)

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    Kristielee Guest

    Thumbs up Mmmm Casserole/Stew sounds great!

    Oh you read my mind Tigergirl!
    I was craving a Beef stew/casserole the other day and I would love a recipe for it if anyone has an idea? I was thinking maybe I would do my lamb shank recipe but with Gravy beef as I have that in the freezer.....Normally I put tin tomatoes,carrotts,celery cannellini beans, beef stock wine, garlic and all herbys and spices and cook in oven....Does that sound all right or do you lovely ladies have a better idea on casserole recipes Thanks you have all been so helpfull

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    Oh I think your recipe sounds great, I'd just do that

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    Kristielee Guest

    Default Dinner went great

    Thanks girls for your recipes if I didnt try them on the night I will be sure to try them soon! I made my beef casserole thingy and the Toblerone cheesecake which was awesome! Thanks bubbaangle Hope all your weekends and mummys day went great too! Kristie

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