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    Can't you guess? New baby!
    I need recipes that i can both cook and eat one handed. Trying to eat steak and BF at the same time is turning out to be a bit of a challenge.
    Does any one have any tips to cooking in this situation as well?


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    Ahhh yes, remember those days, boob hanging out at the dinner table whilst trying to eat your food - no shame is there ??

    I would suggest 'bite size' portions - cut your potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potato into bite size cubes.
    Quiche is good with one hand too - you can cut it with your fork as well as eat from the fork. There are loads of quiche recipies on BB - just do a search.
    Avoid spaghetti.... buy the penne or spiral pasta - easy to stab with your fork !Meatloaf is good one handed too.
    Im a vege, so cant really think of any meat dishes....

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    Lol oh I remember doing that! I used to just cut everything on my plate up into bite size pieces then I could do both and eat whatever

    As for the cooking one handed, there's more of a challenge. That's when I bought a HAB lol.

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    Invest in a set of splaydes!! LOL

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    First thing that came to mind was omlette.
    You can whisk up some eggs in a pan and cut a few slices of cheese and chuck a slice of ham etc into the pan all with one hand - it`ll still taste the same even if you havent grated it... and omlette can be eaten with one hand too.
    The eggs are good for your energy too - which you really need!
    Could be a good lunch option in these early weeks.

    Also, fruit smoothies can be made in advance and put in the fridge. A good thick one with 1 -2 banana, apple , yogart/milk/juice and all that will give you a bit of a good energy. Dont make smoothies more than a day in advance though, or they loose too much of the nutrients and wont taste as good. You can whizz these up in a couple of mins (or you DP could before they head off to work), stick it in the fridge (with a lid) and then grab it to drink while feeding or whatever later in the morning....


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    oh, and when DS was a baby, DH had to cut up my dinner into bite size pieces for me the way we do now for DS

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    stirfry is always good

    anything with a mince base (bolognaise with spirals etc, curried mince dishes, lasagne or similar)

    vegies cut up small...

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    Risotto's are also good for that kind of thing, especially if you use frozen vegetables - peas, broad beans, etc - it's also great for using up anything you have left over.

    Make up a pan of warm stock, either fresh or from a good quality commercial stock.
    Sweat an onion in a little oil, add a splash of white wine and allow to reduce then add the risotto rice and coat in the hot oil and onion
    Add the stock a ladleful at a time, stirring until the stock is absorbed between ladles
    Look in the fridge or freezer and see what you have left to use up - left over pork, ham or chicken or sausages are good - chop it up and throw it in
    When the rice is soft and creamy then find some vegies - I like frozen peas, beans, spinach, asparagus in mine, but any green vegetable and/or herb will work well - left over bits of pumpkin or sweet potato are nice - chop/tear it up and stir it in
    If you want to richen it up then add some grated parmesan and/or a splash of cream then serve it up.
    The key thing is to keep stirring it the whole time that it is simmering, this will make it nice and creamy.

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