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Thread: One more request...Chicken Cottage Pie?

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    Default One more request...Chicken Cottage Pie?

    Ok, I really want to make a chicken cottage pie, but when I buy the chicken mince I can't bring myself to actually cook it, let alone, not having any idea how to flavour the chicken mince. I have thought of using maggi or gravox roast chicken gravy but I dislike both... anyone have their fav chicken cottage pie recipe they could share...thanks for your time

    Lol...I have had a problem with preparing and cooking chicken since pregnant with Jake, I couldn't stand chickens or eggs...I still have some issues but I think I could manage it just to change our eating habits a bit.

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    Are you talking a chicken pie with mashed potato on the top? Kind of like a shepherd's pie but made with chicken?
    What about using cream of chicken soup for flavouring or cream of mushroom? With some chopped veges and cheese and a bit of onion and garlic.

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    Default thanks

    Yep, that's the one, with potato mash on top, I just thought of that as I put that thread in, I though maybe french onion soup mix, I use that alot with the spinach cob loaf recipe, but I am going to try the cream of chicken first I think...thanks again dachlostar...I think it's time to head to bed now...cya again...

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