thread: Paper pattycake pans sticking

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    Mar 2006

    Paper pattycake pans sticking

    This is driving me crazy!!!!
    Why are my muffins/cupcakes sticking to the paper pattycake pans?? I've used different recipes, ingredients, cooking times/temps & that's making no difference. I'm losing heaps of my muffins/cupcakes due to this sticking.

    Any ideas what's causing it & how to prevent it?


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    Jun 2010
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    I find it's the recipes with little fat (butter/oil) that are the worst. Try spraying the paper pattypans with olive oil spray. It helps.

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    Dec 2007

    Let them cool in the actual pan longer before turning them out.

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    Mar 2006

    Thanks ladies I'll try both of your suggestions with my ones tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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    I never line my patty tray with paper I always butter and flour the tin. Works a treat each time and you save a couple of cents .... regardless of the non-stick variety. Also, I NEVER wash my cake tins. I will only ever wipe them out - or flick off the bits that have stuck. They get better as they are seasoned.

    I will only line a cake tin when I bake my christmas cake. First I grease and flour the tin then line it with brown paper (not baking paper). These are things my mum taught me (that her mother and her mother before that taught her)

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    Jun 2003

    Definitely let them cool. They form a crust as they cool down and this is how they come away from the paper. Most cupcakes if turned out hot will stick and crack.

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    Jul 2008

    thank you for asking - I've been having the same problem!!

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