Pumpkin & Spinach Soup

1 Brown onion
2 Rashers bacon
1 Carrot
1/2 Butternut Pumpkin (can use more if you have a bigger pot than me )
2 Chicken stock cubes in 500ml boiling water (again can use more and your own amount)
2 handfulls baby spinach torn

In a large pot add a knob of butter and over low heat cook onion and bacon.
While thats cooking cube all vegetables and tear spinach leaves.
Once bacon & onion is cooked add all vegetables and chicken stock then add boiling water to just under or level with the vegetables.
Boil in a pot until vegetables are just soft.
Pour into blender and blend to desired texture.

** DSM also added some zucchini and is a great soup for 'hiding' vegetables **

Wish me luck it's on the stove now.... mmm can't wait!

ETA: mmm yummo, would be nicer with a WHOLE pumpkin and maybe a little more bacon BUT DD1 liked it so it must have been ok!
Next time might make the water level a little UNDER the veggies as i like a nice thick pumpkin soup