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Thread: Quick, Easy and Tasty? dinner

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    Default Quick, Easy and Tasty? dinner


    I have DS birthday party on saturday and will be having people staying with us.
    I just know i will feel too exhausted to cook by the end of the day so im looking for some suggestions of something very simple but yummy!

    My oven is [email protected] so no roasting But i do have a slow cooker so if you have some suggestions would be great.

    Im exhausted by 2pm these days so simple is good.


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    Slow cooker : chicken and sweet corn soup (see the slow cooker recipe thread ) super easy. chicken noodle soup in the SC, tear apart a roast chook & chuck some veges in with it in some chicken stock & 1 clove garlic. When you are ready to eat, cook up some spaghetti that you've broken into smaller threads & when finished mix into the soup. Wah lah chicken noodle soup.

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    chicken breast diced up, cooked in spag bol sauce until it's looking done. par cook spag, throw into slow cooker, stir, and let it finish cooking in there

    we do this when bro is here unexpectedly with his family - usually 4 decent chook fillets (more depending on head count), 2 big and one small jar of spag sauce, and a packet of spag

    serve in a bowl topped with cheese - delish!!!

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    How about a shoulder of lamb?

    Chop 2-3 carrots, 2-3 sticks of celery and a couple of onions and fry in a little oil until soft - add them to the slow cooker
    Place the shoulder on top of them, add a couple of cans of chopped tomato, a generous spoonful of tomato puree, some fresh thyme or rosemary, 5-6 whole, peeled cloves of garlic and finally cover with red wine and/or beef stock.

    Bring it up a simmer then cover it up and let it bubble gently away for 5-6 hours until you are ready to serve it...don't worry about overcooking it.

    When you want to serve just fish the lump of lamb out and put it on a chopping board - the bone should just pull out of the flesh which makes carving it into portions really easy.
    Try to mash to garlic cloves into the sauce a little and spoon it over the lamb - you can serve it with potatoes or rice.

    Use any leftovers as a pasta sauce the next day...

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