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    hi thought there should be a place for every1 to post any good recipes they come across. ill get the ball rolling

    easy ice cream

    600ml of cream (for whipping)
    1 can condensed milk

    whip cream to firm peaks.
    add a quarter of whiped cream to condensed milk, gentle stir to combine.
    add cream/milk mixture to remaining cream fold in gently.
    freeze until set.
    this is the basic recipe flavours are limitless add in step 2.

    flavor ideas:
    mango macadamia white chocolate: roughly chop chunks and add. extra melt choc and stir through
    strawberry: puree strawberries and thoroughly mix extra add a little coconut milk/cream
    chocolate bar: crush up favorite choc bar and stir through(like cold rock)
    white choc mixed berry: follow basic recipe melt white choc into step 2, line mould with plastic wrap add berries to bottom of mould and pour mixture over top. when set pull icecream out of mould and remove plastic wrap. cut in slices to serve
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    You know what sams_mum? I'm going to go and make that right now !!! I just happen to have 600ml of cream in the fridge and some chocolate chips in the pantry and that recipe sounds devine.

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