thread: Red Fanta??!!??

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    Butterfly_Princess Guest

    Red Fanta??!!??

    Hey all!
    Just wondering if any one can inform me where i can buy red fanta from, i cant find any where that sells the stuff, and i want some...big time.
    I know they do still make it, ive got it from HJ's and subway, but i want it in bottle form, not tap form

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    Jun 2006
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    Not sure but i would like to know too. Have you tried a convience store they sometimes have it here. i Have been craving the frozen red fanta's from macca's lol !!!


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    Butterfly_Princess Guest

    I just went to IGA and i was convinced they had it in 2L bottles, i used to buy it from there all the time, but nope, deprived, of course. My bro was like why not get red creaming soda?? I was like ahhh its just not the same!

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    May 2007
    Brisbane, Australia

    Red Fanta is raspberry...would any raspberry drink suffice or have you tried that!! I love the grape Fanta but you can't get it here.

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    Butterfly_Princess Guest

    Nope, every raspberry drink ive ever had like rasperry *pink* lemonade etc...yuk yuk yuk...

    I was just thinking, i should get a empty coke bottle, and take it to HJ's that has a free refills, and just refil the coke bottle lol...of course ill pay for it I guess that could work if worse comes to worse.

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    Sep 2006
    Dandy Ranges ;)

    Would you believe I found this in Wikipedia?

    When Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA), the local Coca-Cola bottler for Australia were branching out their Fanta brand to increase flavours, they looked at their own Kirks brand and adapted the flavours for some of their popular drinks, using them in the Fanta flavours and changing the flavouring in the Kirks products such as Creaming Soda and Pasito.

    In early 2006 the Fanta brand in Australia was revised to focus solely on the growing market for Orange flavoured softdrink. As a result, non-orange fanta products were discontinued and as such the current fanta range available in Australia is:

    Orange & Mango
    Orange & Passionfruit
    Fanta Zero Orange (diet)
    CCA in 2007 have started to repush their Kirks branded softdrinks, claiming to be of a "Classic" taste that you would remember as a kid, speculating that CCA have returned the previous flavours to the Kirks brand and signaling a non-return to flavoured Fanta.

    Fanta is also available as a Raspberry flavour in Post-Mix drink fountains, as well as Frozen Coke branded Raspberry as well.

    Fanta Raspberry and Fanta Tropical 1.25L PET bottles produced in Australia (from left to right)Previous flavours include:

    Orange Spider
    Chocolate Orange Spider
    Strawberry Spider
    Green Goblin
    Blue Lemonade (basically Sprite)
    Sour Apple (2005)
    Sour Watermelon (2005)

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    Butterfly_Princess Guest

    sooo does that mean 1.25L fanta rasperry does exist somewhere??
    Interesting info there

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    Feb 2007
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    try woolworths, i get it from safeway here
    and coles

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    Aug 2006
    Logan, Qld

    Have you tried a servo? I've brought it from servo's a few times in the 600ml bottles..


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    Butterfly_Princess Guest

    Not yet, only started having the craving really big today, DP and i are going out in a short while so ill be sure to make a few pitt stops
    Needa fill up my tank any way

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    Butterfly_Princess Guest

    Guess what girls!!!
    I found some!!
    DP and i were on our travels tonight when i thought, hey, i might just go into the servo and have a look, and walla, 390ml and 600ml bottles of the stuff, it was like id found gold!! So DP treated me and bought me 2 390ml bottles Im sitting here drinking one as we a happy chappy.
    Definately servo's id say, if not DP suspects woolies will def have it...But omg the stuff is SO good
    Thanks every one!!

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    Jun 2006
    In the middle of Pink and Blue!!!

    Just thought i would pop in and say that i went to woolies last night and none so maybe in your woolies but not here.