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Thread: Spinach and Riccota Lasange

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    Default Spinach and Riccota Lasange

    Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone have an easy receipe for spinich and riccotta lasange? Preferably one I can make ahead of time or with little prep required as it is for when I have dinner guests Sat night...



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    I have a yummy cannelloni one MG if you want that, although I'd have to wait til DH comes home to find out the measurements of everything! He tends to just chuck stuff in - I can't do that - I need a recipe!!

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    It's not lasagne but we love it in this house.....
    Spinich and Ricotta Canelloni

    1 packet fresh lasagne (from the cold section in the supermarket - I use latina)
    1 packet frozen spinich or about half a bunch or 2 of the bags of baby spinich leaves fresh and chopped
    250g ricotta
    1 onion
    1 tin tomatoes (I like the tinned cherry ones for this recipie - they cost more but taste better)
    1 onion diced
    garlic, salt, pepper, herbs, chilli to taste.

    Start by making a basic tomatoe sauce. Saute the onion until it's all soft and about to change colour the chuck in the tin of tomatoe and your herbs, garlic and salt. Bring it to the boil then turn the heat right down and put it on the back burner while you do the rest.

    Prepare spinich. Either by following the packet instructions or pour boiling water over it then refresh it under cold water and squeeze excess water out.
    Mix the spinich and ricotta well (sometimes I add parmasen or chedder but not always).

    Then get your lasagne sheets. I tear each sheet in half - just fold and push on the fold and it will tear along the line.
    Put a big spoonful of the ricotta & spinich mixture in a line on the sheet and then roll the sheet into a tube - labout the size of a churchill cigar.

    Put it into your greased baking dish (I usually mix about a spoon of tomato paste with about 2 spoons of water and pour it in the base) then repeat until all the mixture is used. I usually make six rolls but you can make less if you want it more pasta'ey - it just happens that 6 rolls fits the baking dish I use.

    Once you have rolled them all up and put them in the dish pour the tomatoe sauce over them then cover in cheese. I'm lazy I just buy the pre-grated pizza mix and add parma. Its good if there's a tiny gap between each roll so the sauce can get between but if not I just wiggle them about a bit before I cheese them to get it in there.

    Then cover it and bake in a 180 degree oven for about half an hour then take the cover off and back for another 15 minutes to brown the cheese.

    I like to serve it with crusty bread and salad.

    It's very simple and easy to make and really yummy.

    I hope I have the measurements right because I just chuck it all in...

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    Oh that sounds like ours Chloe, but DH adds bits of ham and a little nutmeg as well.

    I wonder if you could just use the inside stuff to make the lasagna?? MG try the website (hope this link is ok) they have everything and it is a great site for easy recipes.

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    Thanks girls. The Canelloni sounds yummy! A friend of mine gave me a similar recipe last year... if I were to make it into lasange, how long would I cook it for? Does it take the same amount of time as the Canelloni?

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