thread: Using lemonade in scones

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    Question Using lemonade in scones

    When using lemonade in a scone recipe what function is it actually doing? Is it the sugar for sweetness or do the bubbles fluff up the scones? The reason I ask is because i might try making some today but want to keep the lemonade in the fridge for a couple of days and then make some more... I know it's a bit over the top worrying about wasting a $1 bottle of lemonade but I wont drink the stuff so would rather not waste it if it can be used in scones again if it's a little flat.

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    Im not sure of the function for lemonade, but my gf uses it and it makes the scones light and fluffier, not as heavy as the usual scones and u dont get that powdery taste in ur mouth.
    I think it b ok to keep in the fridge for a few days.

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    Using lemonade in scones

    I'm making a batch today as well. I was on the taste website last night, find the 'best ever scones' and see the comments and questions.
    One person spoke of the sugar in the lemonade being important. I would also guess the lemonade adds to the fluffiness of the mixture. When making them it's like the reaction between vinegar and bicarb soda.

    Enjoy your yummy scones

    I'm off to do shopping know for ingredients for a high tea lunch tomorrow with the girls.

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    If you open the bottle only the once to make the first batch & then open it a second time for the second batch I would think that it would still have a fair amount of bubbles left in it. Plus I would think when you mix it (at least the way I mix when I make them LOL) the bubbles would be gone anyway.

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    Thanks everyone! enjoy your scones too CB

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    Lemonade scones are the BEST!!!!!