thread: Bedwetters roll call!

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    Red face Bedwetters roll call!


    I need to know how common it is!

    My 7yo DS wets the bad and DH carries on like you wouldn't believe I reccon it's pretty common. He reccons he never wet the bed...but I did till I was about 8 or 9. Can't remember exactly.

    Anyhow ploise tell me if your older child wets the bed so I have something to stick up DH when he arks up

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    My brother was a bed wetter till 12. My uncle 14 and my other uncle 16.

    Just tell ur Dh to get over it, there are worse things he could be doing.

    have u thought about putting him in a pullup overnight? or is that not an option.

    I know my neice was in one till about 6.

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    my brother used to till he was 10.

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    My DD is a bed wetter - she's just turned 8.

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    Nov 2004

    DS5 still wets at least twice a week (usually after seeing his father)... and has wet up to three times in one night...

    My sister wet up until 10 or so.

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    Mar 2009

    I was a bed wetter until about 7 or 8

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    My DD still wears a nite nappy and she is 6 and a half. I was a bed wetter too until quite old (maybe 10??) Had some friends over for dinner last night that took their twin boys to a psychologist who "trained" them out of it. Only took 2 weeks for one to stop and 6 weeks for the second one. I am thinking of giving that a go in the summer as I think being 10 and wetting the bed is a bit old and apparently it can take a while to "grow" out of.

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    My DS isnt that old yet but is 4 and frequently wets the bed. DP goes right off at him and i think it makes it worse... I feel so aweful that he gets in trouble for something that obviously isnt his fault. It usually happens as he is waking up so DP thinks he is doing in purpose

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    Mar 2004

    I think I was a bed-wetter until about 7 (bad memory sorry). I remember the Dr prescribing me some kind of pill for it but I have no idea why - maybe it was a UTI.

    My nephew had the odd accident up until he was about 10.

    One of my friends dated a guy for a few weeks who peed in inappropraite places in his sleep (she dumped him).

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    I remember my brother wetting the bed until he was maybe 6 or 7. i can't remember but I know he was 'old'!
    It is more common in boys I'm led to believe.
    Does DH have to wash the sheets? What is he so stressed about??!

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    Sep 2007

    I was 12 I think .

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    Feb 2004

    I was around 12 as well

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    I'm not sure but I was told kids on the spectrum take ages to TT fully, especially overnight. With DD1, she still has mistakes throughout the day and can not even try to go overnight.

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    my ds1 is almost 14 and he still wets the bed...(doesnt produce the hormone to stop his body from reducing the amount of urine produce while he sleeps). We have tried tofranil and the pad and bell as well as u/s to see if there was a medical reason behind why he was still wetting. Almost as a last resort we went and saw a paediatrician who suggested some night time exercises for our son to do as well as some for when he wakes up. So far this seems to be working but it has only been a fortnight but the signs do seem promising.

    My dh thought much the same... that it was ds1's fault but he read an article in a Defence force newspaper that said that bedwetting is more common than most people realise and can be passed down from one or both parents. It can be frustrating but you just need to be patient... Get some info off the internet and give it to your dh so he can understand a little more about it...

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    My brother wet the bed right up until about 12 years old i think!!
    i dont think its that uncommon!! xx

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    Lyta was very much like me. It only ever happened once and we both hated it so much we never let it happen again...

    DH stopped at 13
    Angie at 10
    CJ at 8
    Sam still wets the bed.
    One of my sisters did until she was 12.

    I hate it when people carry on like a pork chop because "they never did it" or "they did it easy".. Well bully for you! How often do we need reminding that everyone is unique?

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    One of my mates at school did til at least 12 or 13.

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    my DS is 9 and he still wets teh bed, mainly if eh has gotten into trouyble that day, or spoken to or knows he will eb seeing his mum or after he sees his mum.

    but on average its 2 times a week