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Thread: good present for 6yo girl??

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    wow thanks guys lots to think about lots of great suggestions on here will have to go out and look!!

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    High School Musical has passed us by (and we do have Austar!) My 6yo girl loves anything she can be creative or crafty with - pens, crayons, textas, paints, you could get some mixed craft stuff like feathers, litle pompoms, stickersbeads, sequins, glitter etc and a good thick pad of paper for her to use.

    Another thing she has which she likes is a Disney Princess projector, it has slides which you put in and trace around on paper, then can colour in, she seems to like that a lot (MIL gave it to her which means it's probably from Big W).

    There are actually some really good things about Bratz - just avoid the ****ty ones (they are getting less ****ty I have found, must be listening to feedback!). They are multiracial (unlike Barbie), emphasis is on friendship and standing by your friends, and getting out there and doing something about things you care about (whether something as shallow as fashion or saving unwanted pets). There are also Bratz Kidz which are a bit like Skipper was for Barbie.

    DD still likes Dora but I agree with those who said this age group is too old, I wouldn't buy her anything Dora now. She does love ponies (of the My Little.. variety) but there are others (Bratz ponies are more like real ponies though they still have long eyelashes and eyeshadow).

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