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Thread: Larger gap between siblings

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    Default Larger gap between siblings

    DD is 6 and will b almost 7 DS is 4 and will be 5 when my 3rd little one will be born. they have both been very keen on a new brother or sister although they love telling me that i'm having 2 o.O a boy and girl so they get a lil sister and brother *gotta love the enthusiasm* but im not sure what to expect from them once the baby arrives or what i can do to make the transition easier for them.

    any and all help welcome

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    Hi babyDragonz,

    My kiddies are 9yrs and 7 yrs, and my new little bubba is 5months. I think the best advice i can give you is to make them a part of the process eg. taking them to scans, let them feel & talk to your belly lots. Let them feel like it is their baby too and hopefully they will be equally as excited as you upon it's arrival! It worked for me Good luck xx

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