thread: My oldest son got punched in the face :(

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    Jan 2008

    My oldest son got punched in the face :(

    Just spoke with my ex-husband. He informs me today..that yesturday our son was involved in t-ball practice..he was handing the kit over to another child when another boy from his class 'demanded' the kit well my son (who is 8) refused and continued giving to the other child, when the boy who demanded it punched him in the face!!!
    My son told the teacher (who had witnessed it anyways) and the boy is apparently being suspended.
    Me...i am seeing RED and my blood is boiling!!!
    what you do in this situation?? i feel like telling my son to fight back if anything else happens...

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    Dec 2007

    Hun I feel your anger. My DS got punched in the mouth when he was in primary school and the boy also got suspended and it is so hard to know what to do. It's good that the school has taken it seriously and as much as you want to tell your DS to punch back, it's really not the right thing to do. DH told DS to puch back if it ever happens again, but I sat down with him and explained how that won't solve anything and DS would end up getting suspended too, but I did tell DS that he has every right to defend himself from getting hurt. We just want to protect our children and that is not always possible. I hope your son is ok.


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    Jan 2008

    thanks for your advice Dianne

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    Jan 2009

    I'm so sorry this has happened to your son. But I don't think hitting back is the answer. I mean he should know if he "needs" to defend himself he can (i.e. if he is ever in a more than one on one situation) but in situations like this he did the right thing.

    My little brother had almost an identical situation happen to him a couple of times as a kid (one time he was only passing on a message from the boys mother!). He didn't fight back, he just turned away and walked home. As an adult now, he is not violent at all, and is very good at dealing with all sorts of confronting situations in a mature manner way beyond his 22 years.

    Me on the other hand, well, when my brother came home and told me what had happened. I walked down to the sports centre, saw that not only were there boys of his age there but also boys from my class. I got right in the little (read: taller than me at the time LOL) *h*t's face and told him that if he ever went near my brother again, god help him! I then turned to the boys of my age and told them they should all be ashamed of themselves for just standing there when this happened and that no girl in their right mind would want such pussies so they were no longer to speak to my friends and I. (so mature, so mature!) But now, as an adult, I am not good at dealing with conflict without resorting to profanities and violence of some sort LOL!

    It is good that the school is acting on it and suspending the other boy. Because your son didn't retaliate, the staff will look out for him I'm sure. But can TOTALLY see why you're seeing red!

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    Sep 2008
    Bunbury, Western Australia

    Something similar happened to my brother when we were kids. A kid was coming to school and testing out his new karate moves on my brother -.-;
    I remember dad taking him into his room one night and trying to teach my brother how to box! I think mum ended up speaking with the other boys mum, and his parents & the school explained to him that his karate was for self defence and not fun...
    My brother is a very placid kid, and so incredibly laid back I sometimes wonder if he's even aware of the world around him XD
    I think you should be proud for one. You have raised a son that doesn't listen to a bully and knows what the right thing to do is, and he is only 8! It's great the school have aknowledge the situation and are taking resposibilties in making sure it doesn't happen again.