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Thread: Baby Record Book - ideas please

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    Default Baby Record Book - ideas please

    Not sure if this is right spot or not - but here goes...
    I want to do a scrap album of all my babies stuff for the first year. Similar to the ones you can buy at shops, where you record all sorts of information - date, time of birth, first gifts, first visitors, first of everything else - and various other things as they get older.
    But, i need ideas as to what sorta things to include? Short of standing in the newsagent and trying to memorize the details in the ones that they sell - i figured that i might get some better, and more unique ones on here.
    Any ideas, tips or suggestions please?

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    I'm the same - have the camera ready for all the firsts (except first step coz DD was a bit sneaky and got that one in when we weren't ready for it - having dinner at the time as a matter of fact!! Cheeky nana!! )

    My firsts also include:
    First sunnies (at 10 weeks - sooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!)
    First drawing
    First easter, chrissy,
    First time daddy had a birthday with DD
    First time mummy had a birthday with DD
    First bday with each aunty, uncle, grandparent etc......
    First snuggles with everyone (did a collage of immediate family and then a separate page with first cuddles with great aunties, uncles, great grandparents and even got one with a great great aunty!!)

    Seriously, it can become a sick obsession!!!

    Throughout my pg with DD I took way more pics than this time round of my pg and then did a double page of my pg journey.

    I also kept DD's peg from her belly and put her hospital bracelet in as well as the cute name tag the staff made her...... tanby said, you'll work out what's spesh to you to scrapbook and what you're happy to just put in a normal album........coz believe me! I have ALOT to catch up on just with DD's pics and I'm about to pop again!! Hehe!!

    Have fun!!

    P.S. for the bigger items that I've collected along the way ie DD's first birthday invitation to her, the first party bag she received and all the non perishable items in it (we ate the rest! ) and her first party hat from a party (she was 4 months old), I've created a keepsake box, just a normal large gift box and put all these items in it with a sticky label on it saying where and why and who she got it from.

    Oh and for DD and then when I pop again, I am making sure that I get a complete Advertiser from the day that they were born as well as the Advertiser with their birth announcement in it.

    Wow, I am suddenly seeing in black and white how full on I went first time (crazy chick! ).....and now am about to do it again coz the other thing I've done is just get a basic plain album and have stuck all the cards we received from when she was born (including the gift tags that came with flowers) and her first easter, chrissy and bday cards etc............ LOL!!!

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