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Thread: Help! Baby shower invites!

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    Default Help! Baby shower invites!

    Hi everyone,

    Okay just to give you a bit of background: I have had a bit of a difficult pregnancy thus far with my ex partner causing me a fair amount of grief and upset, so I am a single and happy mummy to be!

    What I would like to do is to throw a "thank you for your support" party (rather than a baby shower) for my closest friends and family. The idea is NOT that I get presents for the baby but that I am able to thank them all for their kindness so far.

    I have booked in a nice place for lunch, now I need to design the invitation. Because it's not a baby shower, I need to create one and I've never made invitations before!

    I have the wording worked out, can anyone help with any ideas etc that will not break the bank! Where I can get invitation supplies etc?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated (provided you don't think it's a lame idea!)

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    Hi Stars69

    What a lovely idea and not lame at all. I love making my own cards and have only just ventured into the world of scrapbooking. I'm a visual type of person so I find that checking out website galleries of what people have been doing gives me really good ideas so maybe start there. BigW have paper packs and quite a few things that you can use. I buy nice envelopes from The Art Store when they are on sale. Pepe's Paperie have gorgeous stuff but is a little pricey.

    I'm sure you will be fine, I find it is starting that is the hardest but once you do, so many ideas happen.

    Good luck with the invites and pregnancy.

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    Hey Stars,

    Hope this reply isn't too late!

    I'm making my baby shower (except its not a baby shower its a BBBBQ (Before Baby BBQ... just a BBQ before bub is born ) invites today, and a friend just gave me a great idea...

    You could buy some dark paper from big w or somethiing, and something called velium paper, which is kind of like hard tracing paper (its clear/opaque)... and you can print on it. Then get on your computer, and go into word and type it all up. Maybe search google image for some cartoony clipart you can add, then print onto the velium paper.
    Have the velium about 5-10mm smaller than the backing paper so therse a nice contrast/border, and line it all up where you want it, then get a hole punch and punch two holes (top left and right corners) through the papers, and get some ribbon and thread it through and tie a nice bow at the front
    And there you have some pretty invites!
    (Hope that all made sense... this is probably too late though isn't it? )

    I am gonna do brown paper on the back, with pale pink velium paper and black text, and a pink or brown ribbon.

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