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thread: Scrapbooking and Craftwork General Chatter

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    Jul 2004
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    Scrapbooking and Craftwork General Chatter

    Welcome to the Scrapbooking and Craftwork thread!

    There are so many of us members (or should I say 'creative geniuses') that have passions for scrapbooking, quilting or other craftworks, that we have created this thread for everyone to be able to come and discuss their crafts and share ideas around with everyone.

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    Mar 2005
    Bunbury, WA

    hehe I figure Ill just start with something random.. I have such a fashion for fabric! I nearly go giddy at spotlight, and especially with the $1 and $2 a metre tables.. lol I spent like $30 there the other day, and now I have all this beautiful fabric. Now I just have to decide whether to do patchwork, sew clothes.. or sew baby slings (some of the fabric would be perfect for ring slings or pouches).. and I really wanna do the slings, but its like.. I dont even have a baby! lol

    Anyway.. I do like.. 1000 diff kinds of craft.. hehe


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    Oct 2004
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    why don't you make the slings and sell them at a market. That way you get the satisifaction of buying and sewing, and get the money for your efforts to re-invest back into your habit

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    Feb 2004

    Just good old scrapbooking for me atm - that'll be expensive enough.

    What are the scrapbookers working on? I think I'll start Matty's album, then do a wedding one - or I can go between them. I just love looking at the layouts in the magazines, they give me so many good ideas and tips as well!

    I really want to know what brand pens you guys use for the journalling?

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    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Sorry Nell, I can't help you with the pens. I'm a strictly computer journalling girl. My own hand writing is crap

    From memory though the girls at the scrap shop said that all ink is acid free. It's just that once they put a label on a pen saying it's acid free people will pay twice the $$ for it, kwim?

    I think that Creative Memories have their own pens though. Also I brought a great big pack of coloured normal and gel pens from Big W for around $10. I think theres around 40 pens in it and it says on the back of the pack that they are acid free and idea for scrapping. Really you just need to know that the ink is going to stand the test of time and not fade away to nothing in 50 years time when you can't remember or aren't around to tell the story behind the picture.

    Take care

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Hey girls!
    These are the 3 pages I have done so far : http://www.geocities.com/ambahden/scrapbooking

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    Oct 2003
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    Ambah those are gorgeous!!

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    =D> Great job Ambah!

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    Feb 2004

    I concur Ambah - great pages!

    Tell me, are they diecuts or stickers the embellishments on the bottom pages? They are just gorgeous! So is your little man too of course.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    old scrapbooker here to lol - am currently finishing off ds album and started on lanis album, then i think i may do a mini album for mum for her b/day next year gotta go through all the old family photos big job lol.

    on the pens Nell, i use the creative memories ones, i prefer fine tip. however they are not cheap around $30 for 5 but they are beautiful to write with, i have the pastel ones, a gold one, black one and have on order some gel ones (which are fantastic on black pages).

    also am thinking of starting up my own card making.

    also kirbay you could make heaps of those slings etc and sell them on ebay or even pram liners - there is one company that make pram liners and are getting around $30 for them (i keep missing out on them lol), there is also a woman that knits really funky baby clothes and sells them on ebay - i got outbidded on a cute little funky jumper went for around $30.

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    Aug 2004

    Well I went on a huge scavenge of Mums shop before coming back, and stole DS tape, glue sticks, scissors, a new rotary cutter, beads and trimmings... A bit naughty, but you hardly need anything to make things look SOOO cool.

    So - I'm prepared to do some swapsies with people of extra stuff I dont need?? Surely there are some bits and pieces in your stash that don't look right, or if you want to pass them on? I'd be interested - but not in junk.....

    The other thing is I managed to bring over 5 2nd hand cutting mats, so 3 are taken already. Anyone going to any Melbourne meets still that wants one? They are of course free to a good home, maybe just repay a favour sometime when possible. They can't be posted. Size is about 15" by 22". Not perfect, but good for scrapping.


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    Jun 2005

    *grins delightedly* Oh this is wonderful!
    I am a complete scrapbooking junkie, and have been making scrapbooks since I was ten. I have tried everything I have ever seen...from having to drive to Melbourne to go to the one place that stocked acid free tape, back at age 19, to fiskars, Creative Memories, scrapping shops, Spotlight and making my own paper!

    Regarding the pens question, the two things you need to look out for are acid free....*as a calligrapher, I can assure you some inks do have acid, and these become unstable after a while, causing fading and colour change* and permanency.

    The gel pens are suposed to be acid free and permanent, but I have only used them for three years, so can't be sure. I personally adore the Creative Memories pens, because they are pigma pens, which are the safest and most stable of all inks. I still like good old Derwent pencils as well!

    I became a Creative Memories consultant last year, because I trust their products. Oddly enough, I called to sign up, about an hour before we found out baby October was ectopic, and I think having this to focus on really helped me not to completely lose it, like I did with Cynthia (Feb M/c)

    Ambah, I love your baby pages! They really show off your precious DS. I love the way newborns look.

    I am not promoting myself at all, but if anyone wants a CM consultant in their area, I can find one for you.

    This is my most recent layout, with my five yr old DD in it. :-)

    Looking forward to sharing lots with everyone in here. :-)

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Fi - Firstly... I am soooo sorry for not replying to you in the other thread. Thanks for grabbing me a cutting mat!! You are awesome. Sounds like you managed to scab a fair bit of cool stuff off your Mum Good job girl! We will have to have a "scrapping" night every month or so I reckon!

    Michelle (mooshie) - you mentioned that your friend does creative memories. Do you know if she could find out if there's someone in Geelong? I would really love to do one. Unless she would come to us?? I have a few friends interested.

    Ambah - your pages look fantastic!! Well done!

    Oh... just read your post, Julie. I would love to find a consultant in Geelong if you could help. Thanks Your page looks awesome also!

    I haven't had a chance to do any more pages. Mainly because of lack of $$. I am hoping to check out spotlight soon and I also keep forgetting to have a look in Kmart.

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    Aug 2004
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    Girls - Do you need to be artistic to do scrapbooking?

    I don`t have an artstic bone in my body but scraping sounds like fun. Do you need to go to a course or can you buy books on how to start and what you require etc.

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    Jun 2005

    Bie, I have put out the call for a Geelong Consultant, and the first reply was from a lady in Torquay, if you are interested? I am still waiting for more replies. :-)

    Dee, Scrapbboking has soooo many levels. You can go technical, which is basically placing your photographs on the page, with some journalling, so that when your Grandchildren read it, they won't have to call around to see if anyone remember's who Ivy was, born in 1913. (6 phone calls later and someone vaguely thinks she was an great Aunty Moi's cousin. who died young. If more had been writen on the picture...*sighs*).

    If you want pretty pages, but don't feel artistic, there are classes, (Creative Memories Consultants hold monthly workshops, teaching new ideas, and usually scrapbboking shops hold them as well) magazines at most newsagents, online layout sharing sites, and layout books that can be bought (from Creative Memories or other companies).

    If you want I can find you a CM consultant in the area of Braxton.

    *grins* I could even teach you a few simple and pretty pages online!


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Torquay is great, Julz. I am just down the highway. If you could PM the consultant's details, that would be great Thanks soooo much!

    Dee - I am not a creative person either. That's the beauty of scrapbooking - there's no right or wrong. It's loads of fun!

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Nell - sorry I forgot to answer your question before... the things I used for the pages on the bottom are die cuts ... they are called catnips cut-outs (or something like that - sorry I am no good with the scrapping terminology!! 8-[ ), and it was only a few dollars for the whole page of them off Ebay. And I have seen those sorts being sold on Ebay by many different sellers.

    Dee - you definately dont need to be artistic... in fact I enjoy this cause it is the only form of art I can do - I am HOPELESS at drawing, painting etc. I didnt read any books, or take any lessons and still found it fairly easy... it may have helped that I looked at a few examples of other people's pages before starting though.

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    Feb 2004

    No worries Ambah - they are lovely and I think I'll have a look for them too.

    Dee - I agree with Ambah, I am so not artistic and it is a good one as there is nothing else I can do. But this is so much fun! There are heaps of sites on the net and there are 2 aussie mags that I like to look at, My Reflections, which is specially aimed at beginners and Scrapbooking Memories. I just borrow them from the library although I'd love to get a subscription for Christmas, I'm working on DH for that one!

    There are lots of scrapbooking kits around these days in Target, Big W and K Mart - or even on ebay and online scrapping shops.

    What do you think?

    Julz - thanks for info on pens. I found some pens in Big W that are acid free (thanks Trish!). The CM ones sound lovely but a bit pricey for me atm. Thanks also mooshie for your help.

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