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Thread: Can you take a baby to a beauty salon?

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    Default Can you take a baby to a beauty salon?

    Do salons allow you to bring your baby to appointments? I certainly wouldnt bring him along to a spa treatment but what about something quick like getting your eyebrows waxed?

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    I get my nails done every three weeks & Zander has come with me since he was about 5-6 weeks old. Now though he's too active & won't sit still for long enough LOL!

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    FluffyLaRue Guest


    I took my son with me many years ago to the hairdresser and got the haircut from hell!!
    But I had my hair straightened when my youngest was 6 weeks, and it took 4 hours- the staff were wonderful, and cuddled him as much as they could get away with... I think it depends where you go..

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    It depends on where and what treatment. Keep in mind that some places like day spa's or places with lots of treatments and rooms could have relaxation massages and treatments in rooms close by and some people get upset when they hear children while paying big $$ to get pampered and relaxed. I say this because as a massage therapist it gets frustrating when parents bring unruly kids in and they are loud and i'm trying to work.
    Having said that, lots of parents bring their kids in too if its a short appointment and thats fine, you just need to be repectful of other clients and therapists.
    Maybe go somewhere like a hair dressers that also do beauty cause that is generally a 'louder' environment than a day spa etc

    I also take ash to things like nail appoitments and hair appoitments etc

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    I have taken DS to the hairdressers, but I took him with me to make the appointment (after 3 different salons recoiled upon seeing him and said they were fully booked for a week or more) and they were fine cooing at him. I think you should check first, but you will find a friendly place even if the first isn't.

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    I have taken Laila with me to most of my eyebrow wax's/tints etc with no problem.

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    there is a beauty therapy place near me here that is child friendly - it is its major advertising push in the area

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    I am going to do this tomorrow. Where I go said DS is more than welcome so I am taking him along to a waxing apointment. They can't wait to see him If I had someone to leave him with for half an hour I would though.

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    Jodie259 Guest


    as a beauty salon owner - I can tell you - that it depends on the salon - and the treatment.

    Even a "quick" eyebrow wax - can take ages if your baby is crying and you don't want to let it cry.
    For example... say you arrived at the salon - they have allocated 10 minutes for your eyebrow wax - and there is another client after you.
    Your baby starts crying.... what do you do? Do you let your baby cry for 10 minutes whilst you get your wax... or do you cancel your appointment - and pay for it - as it's not the salons fault.
    You really can't expect a salon to wait around whilst you attend to your baby, and all the clients after you become late.

    Some salons do not have the facilities to cater for prams.
    Some salons are doing "relaxing" treatments (massage & facials) in the same area as waxing & nails... and although it's no-one's fault - there is nothing worse then paying for a relaxing treatment and having to hear babies cry.

    At my salon (which I recently sold)... we did our relaxing treatments upstairs - and no-body every bought a baby to the salon if they were having a facial or massage or body treatment. Some people did bring their babies when they had waxing treatments - and if they were crying; the mother would let them cry until her treatment was finished. If there was a staff member available, they would often watch the baby at reception - but this was not often possible.

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    I always allow mums to bring kids along. We even have a therapist that minds the child if necessary.

    It's really cute to see the child return every few weeks and see them get bigger and bigger!

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    My salon recently won "Small Business of the Year" here in Adelaide....and one of its major features is the fact that it is SO child freindly.

    The opwners mother is the receptionist and she always is on hand to cheer babies up. She even has a stack of toys behind reception!

    I usually have my treatements done in the evening after the kids go to bed (& DH is home) as I find it such a treat to get out "child-free", but other times I know I can happily pop in with all three of them for a quick trim!

    (Thank you to all the beautiul girls at Hair & Body Paradise.....!)

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