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Thread: Is This a Co-incidence? Dry skin for first time in my life after using moituriser?

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    Question Is This a Co-incidence? Dry skin for first time in my life after using moituriser?

    Background: 7 months ago I developed a small patch of eczema on my face... so I sarted to use moisturiser on it... various types from MooGoo to Clinique. I generally rub the excess onto the tops of my hands. Prior to the eczema i never really used moisturiser... maybe a little bit on the corners of my eyes to keep the crows feet at bay... but never religiously.

    Present situation: I have the driest skin on the tops of my hands that i have ever had in my life!!! They look like old lady hands Why has this happened??? has my skin kinda become DEPENDANT on moisturiser and now when i don't put it on daily it's literally cracking it!??? by using moisturiser have I upset my bodies own ability to manufacture it's own protective oils???

    My facial eczema eventually responded to a prescription cream and is on the mend... i also started to use MooGoo's anti-inflammatory eczema and psorasis cream... but it seems silly to use that on my hands.

    Like i mentioned: I used a whole range of moisturisers... about half a dozen different brands so i don't think any one was to blame. I just had a whole heap to use up so have been systematically using whatever feels right at the time.

    I wish i had never put anything on my hands... they were fine until I started doing the excess moisturiser thing. Today i have rubbed a combination of olive oil and honey onto them... they feel great but no doubt my skin will return to that nasty state of dryness as soon as that wears off. I hope it helps me get over the dependancy thing. Any ideas?

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    It probably IS the cream. Since you are providing moisure with cream your hands are compensating by producing less oils. Can you apply just a tiny bit and keep applying less and less? Maybe some exfoliation would help too. My hubby got this hand scrub for me for Christmas and afterwards I had the softest hands ever and it lasted quite awhile.

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    People are going to think this is my cure all (and apart from breast-milk it generally is), if you're not allergic to milk (which I assume you're not seeing you can use moo-goo) perhaps try rubbing some homemade yogurt or keifer onto the effected areas.

    Also how's your hydration? If you're not drinking enough it will inflame any skin issues more as our skin normally is a window to what is happening on the inside. You could try putting some fresh ginger and lemon pieces in hot water and drinking that. Ginger is an anti-fungal and lemon increases water absorption. Eating the homemade yogurt would most probably help too.

    Other options are dabbing on some Lavender essence, as it is also a very strong anti-bacterial (similar to honey without being sticky - depending on which honey you're using). You could also try some calendula oil. I would personally leave off with the olive oil because it can create a nice moist environment for nasty bacteria to grow in which will inflame it more. You could take a bath with epsom salts, as it draws out toxins (but that can make it worse too - so that would be one to use with caution).

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