thread: Cracked Heels ... and one Big Toe

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    Sep 2006
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    Nadine - the pumice stone is very gentle, manicare makes a blue artificial pumice which is a lot more vigorous and I find works better.

    Strangely, I never used to have cracked heels until I moved from qld to melbourne and started wearing enclosed shoes & boots.

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    Oct 2007
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    I've been moisturising my feet with coconut oil and that seems to be cleaning the dirt out of the cracks in my heels too. And I am wearing socks around the house during the day (partly so I don't get oily footprints on the carpet and floorboards and partly to help the oil soak in).

    The problem with cracked heels is that you have to keep on top of them. Once fixed, they don't tend to stay fixed unless you keep maintaining them.

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    Oh, so glad i came across this thread as i pumice stoned my feet last night for the 1st time in ages and i felt it just wasn't doing the job so " THANKS KAZBAH " on the tip ... will be heading to Priceline for a Manicare blue one tomorrow

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    Jul 2007
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    I think I found an answer to my problem ... I am currently scrubbing the living daytlights out of my heels with the nailbrush and THEN I go to town with the pumice stone I bought. And that seems to work. It's not totally clean yet, but I can see that happening with regular shower-scrubbings.

    I also wrapped my feet in the clingwrap after putting much-to-much heelcream on. That is a great idea, but it's not working for me. I had to unwrap myself at 1am in the morning ... I could not sleep I think one must get used to it, but atm my sleep is very, very, very precious, kwim??

    Kazbah - that is strange ... I get cracked heels in the summer from wearing open shoes, during the winter my heels (and feet) are soft and moist from wearing boots

    Curly - I think that is the trick .. keeping on top of it once you have it under control. Thing is, once you have it fixed it does not bother you anymore and then you have to make a POINT to remember to care for your heels. Like I only put cream on my feet during summer, because in winter I don't have problems, BUT it I do put cream on during winter, my feet would probably not crack in summer.

    Thanks for all the help and tips, girls. My heels ... and one big toe ... are LOVING you!!!