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Thread: Getting Legs Waxed For First Time

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    Default Getting Legs Waxed For First Time

    OK, I know I'm in my late thirties but I've never had my legs waxed and am thinking that I would like to because I'm soooo sick of shaving.

    I'll do the half-leg wax.

    Now I'm a big one for over-analysing everything so my latest procrastination is, wait for it, what do I wear?

    If I wear trousers, I will presumably have to take them off and be naked from waist down. Not keen on this. So would it be better to wear a skirt with tights so I just have to take the tights off but then would it be a bit stingy putting the tights back on?

    I would ask a question about the pain factor but I have convinced myself that after getting through a very long labour, I should NOT be worried about the pain of a leg wax!

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    You can roll your pants up if you like as they wax from just above the knee usually for a half leg. Just make sure they get up that far. Most salons will offer you a towel to cover yourself with. Be aware that there may be wax residue on your legs so don't wear your best pants or skirt or plan to go anywhere afterward.

    The pain is a bit like having hot sand blown on your legs atleast it is for me. It goes away very fast.

    Relax and enjoy.

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    Most salons will offer a towel with some velcro around that you put around your chest like a boob tube. Alternatively, you can just put a towel across your waist that will cover your undies and top of your legs.

    Honestly, most beauticians have pretty much seen everything anyway, especially if they do brazilians!!

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    I got mine done for the first time the other day and I have to be honest, it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be!! There was a couple of spots that were a bit ouchy but not bad at all...go for it I just got up to my knee done and just rolled up my 3/4 pants.

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