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Thread: Help - How would you accessorise the Little Black Dress

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    Default Help - How would you accessorise the Little Black Dress

    Hi everyone,
    I have recently purchased a little (well as little as a size 16 can be really!) black dress for wearing to a number of events including a ****tail party and a semi formal wedding.
    It is knee length, sleeveless, cut on the bias, jersey fabric and has a relatively deep v at the front to show off my bf enhanced "assets"!
    It is pretty plain so needs a bit of jazz up!
    That's where I need some help - I have dark hair, am relatively pale (although bronzer will fix that to a degree). My only caveat is as I am still carrying an extra chin and a spare tyre post pregnancy nothing too fine in the way of jewellrey seems to work!
    As none of my pre pregnancy shoes fit I am in the market for some new shoes and was wondering whether people had any thoughts on what colour/style shoes/jewellrey might be the go?
    Any thoughts??

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    As its low cut, i'd go with one big funky neck lace, (prb from the cheap shop!!) and not much else for jewllery. These days any shoes are acceptable, but I love strappy low heeled ones, their cute and comfy. Hope that helps!!

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    try a shimmery gold scarfe and some gold heals - maybe a chunky gold bangle? maybe even a little feather in your hair?

    i find one single, shimmery colour looks great with a balck dress

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    belinda I always go for amazing shoes and or a bag if I want to dress up a lbd but am having a fat day and want to draw attention away from my waist lol also a great bracelet or pair of earrings

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    Hey belinda,

    I'm thinking "chunky" accessories are the go at the moment, some platform/wedge shoes (in black maybe?) are easier to walk in than reguar heels, and will balance out your post-preg look

    There are heaps of cheaper accessory places (diva etc) that you can get some really pretty things for a good price! If youre not keen on those cheaper type shops myer has a good range too.

    Now I would go with either: a metallic belt at the waist, (can be very slimming!) with a chunky bangle and some drop earrings, or a set of long beads with a chunky bangle.

    I think colours would just be your choice! Have fun! HTH

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    I agree with Nelly... maybe a longer than normal pair of earrings and a nice chunky bangle or something!

    A pair of amazing heels always looks great too

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    I'd go peep toe shoes (either heeled or wedges), paint your toenails and match toenail colour with EITHER a chunky necklace, earrings or bangle. But I'd only match two things - a third (eg handbag) will look like your trying to be Mrs Matchy.

    Purple always looks great with black and with pale skin. I'm virtually see-through and I can't be bothered with the self-tanning business, pale is beautiful I say! The beauty of purple accessories is that you can also wear them with jeans and more casual stuff instead of just saving them for the evening.

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    I'm a fan of beads- either something striking and short or strands of long beads. I recently bought some cute little silver shoes that I think are perfect for black dresses too- otherwise any coloured shoes are great.

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    Hey Belinda...

    Go the 'bling'...get a great pair of silver/diamante earrings. Can go to diva or somewhere - but make sure they are not cheap looking if you know what I mean or you can ruin the outfit.

    The bling earrings will also draw attention away from your body..
    If you do the earrings I'd leave out the necklace (draws attention to the double chin) and then maybe do a great fat shiny silver bangle - or a little silver clutch bag.

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    Diva is great for inexpensive costume jewellery and some of their stuff is definately nice than others!

    Depending on the look you want - big chandeleir (sp?) diamante earrings and bracelet with some silver shoes would look fab for a glam look! For a more casual look -maybe black shoes with some greeny/blue turquoise jewellry - either a bangle and earrings/necklace!(If you do both necklace and earrings make one big and the other small!!) I love this look in summer - as the black sets off the turquiose beautifully!

    Or just plain silver but BIG!! Nice big earrings and some chunky bangels would look great too!!
    Have fun planning!

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