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    Question Henna hair dye

    Has anyone dyed their hair with Henna or herbal dyes? What were your results? I'm thinking of going red again but normal dyes made my hair so dry and brittle, I'd prefer to use natural. I don't know where to buy the dye either and really don't trust buying it online if it won't suit me, also they come in big packets. My hair is medium brown and just longer than chin length.

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    I've used Henna and it was great, though somewhat messy! I bought it at a Health Food store and used the golden blonde (I'm naturally about a 7 if that helps) which went VERY golden but settled after a few washes into this fun golden blonde which was great and I got lots of compliments on. The biggest problem is that you can't guarantee the same result each time and I was risking being very orange if things went the wrong way. It was great for conditioning too though and would be much safer on brown hair for sure. I say go for it!!!

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    Yeah i use henna often in my hair,but be careful because if you go red it is really hard to dye over the henna so if you wanted to go blonde later on you would have to wait till it grew out.
    But its really good for your hair and you can buy it from any indian,pakistani,middle eastern store

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    I do want to go red, but will never go blonde. I used to go blond when I was younger and I hated the dark regrowth. So I won't lighten. I saw some in a health food store but just leaving it for a little while.

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