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    Home colour question ...

    I am thinking DIY to save money but my last foils were really chunky and I wasn't too happy at all - I look a bit like a top deck - and now I have a BIG med dark brown stripe through the middle of my head. Usually my foils are quite fine and various shades but this was a gift voucher to a colour bar - who I thought would be colour specialists and do a good job but that wasn't the case....

    Anyway normally I would just put a med brown over the top but am concerned they will go green. If I put a copper or burgundy over the top will they go pink? AND do I go or a semi or a perm colour?


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    Are your foils blonde?

    I have coloured over blonde foils before but I used a chocolate brown, so something warm. If you get a cool brown, it may go green. Chocolate browns will look slightly reddish. Are you going to do the colour all over? It will go brighter on the blonde parts, possibly a bit red/auburn. I've done this and it looks nice, but depends if you like red in your hair.
    You could split the foils up, by weaving your comb through them and keeping, say, half separate and wrapping it in foil. If you dampen the part first that you are wrapping in foil it will be easier to hang onto and wrap up. Then you colour around it and you will get the finer foils that you like. When you shower and rinse of, try to rinse the bulk of the colour off first, before you take off the foil, just in case the colour stains your blonde parts.
    I use a Garnier colour from the supermarket. It's a permanent, I think. It's number 3.6, Crimson Promise, and they say it's a Deep reddish brown. This works well on my hair but it is quite dark. Obviously the depth fades, so you could try this and lighten it with a couple of washes.

    Good luck with the fix up!

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    Sorry girls....I have to ask a silly question (new to being pregnant).
    Is it OK to use a home hair dye when you're pregnant?
    My regrowth is appalling and will not wait 8 months.


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    Hi Joce
    I'm pretty sure it's ok, but I waited until after the 1st trimester to be sure.
    Hope this helps

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    ^^ The general consensus, from what I have gathered, is that while there's no evidence suggesting that hair dye will harm your unborn bub, it is usually better to err on the side of caution - so, the two methods that I believe are most common are either waiting until you hit the 12-week mark (which is doable lol), or try not to let the dye touch your scalp (which is where the apparent danger lies, in the chemicals penetrating your scalp and getting into your bloodstream) - ie foils etc are okay, and if you get your hair done at a salon they can do that for you a lot easier than if you were to attempt it at home.

    But, I've dyed my hair fairly regularly throughout both my pgs and so far, so good I think it's just a cautionary thing more than a proven risk

    Nelly, your concerns about turning blonde bits icky colours can be fixed by putting a 'sticky' dye in first - something that will take the blonde down in order to get the proper colour to stick, rather than putting your preferred colour on top of blonde and having it turn out funny. If you want to dye your hair a warm colour (for instance, a chocolatey brown, cherry black, warm auburn or copper), put a red dye through your hair first to provide a bit of a 'base' for the eventual colour. Then when you dye it the colour you want, you've taken the blonde out enough to make the real colour show, rather than having it turn out a pinkish colour.
    And, with cooler colours, again, just put a cool-toned shade through first to give it an anchor - same with the red
    Good luck, hope that helps a little