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    Ok..the greys are coming I usually have a semi colour at the hairdresser and also cut. I would like to start doing the colour myself to save the dollars when I go to the hairdresser.
    Anyone have suggestions for do it yourself at home colour brands? I don't like ones that would have to grow out, so ones that wash out over time are fine.
    I have never used them, would love to hear recommendations
    I have reddish, Auburn colour hair naturally.


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    I like the hair colour from hairhouse warehouse, or petra haircare, little more expensive than the supermarket colours- but I find they fade less and last longer

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    My gf gets hers at Hairhouse warehouse, they can sell basically the same colour as you get at the hairdresser and will tell you the quantities to mix etc. I use Castings Creme gloss and find that I have to choose a colour one shade lighter than I want, my dark brown always goes nearly black!!

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