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    Maternity Clothes

    Do you guys spend much on maternity clothes?
    Is it dependent on whether you're planning on having more babies?

    The reason I ask is that I desperately need a pair of maternity shorts as my regular shorts are nowhere near able to be done up anymore!!! With Zander's pregnancy I was working full time up until 38 weeks so didn't need so much in the way of casual clothes, but this time I'm only working two days a week. I found the perfect pair at Pumpkin Patch but they are $60 which I thought was a bit much. I can't find any others I like anywhere else. My mum & sister both said they'd get heaps of wear over summer (especially since we're going to QLD in January) & in my next pregnancy too, so I'm trying to decide now.

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    Sarah I bought a few "staple" items like a $50 black 3/4 pants, some black long pants, a few skirts and thats it for maternity stuff. Then all my tops - which were all singlets over summer I just got from KMart - in a few sizes bigger than I am, plus Jeans West and other shops had lots of tops that could double as maternity. I borrowed jeans from a friend but hardly wore them. I figured that even though I was pregnant I would spend the same amount on clothes anyway over summer and I wanted to look and feel great during my pregnancy! Like you said you can wear them again - or being PP you could sell them on ebay - they keep their value pretty well I think!

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    Sarah - I have a pair of Denim shorts here that I never wore (wrong season). They are size 14, don't know if that siuts you but you can have them if you want. (they aren't PP )

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    You need to be comfortable, so I don't see a problem in spending some money on a few key pieces for your wardrobe. I am in the same dilemma as I am going to be more pregnant over the hotter months than I was last pregnancy, so none of the clothes I have already are suitable and like you are more suited for an office than casual. I want to comfortable and not be afraid to walk out the front door, so I have decided to spend on a few pieces.

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    Sarah, I had to get maternity clothes with Tehya. There really wasn't an option, but I also got rid of them all.Of course being preg again I had to go out and buy more new clothes.

    I just picked myself up a pair of denium maternity shorts from Target. They were $45 I think, but I got them on sale for around $35. They are quite nice too, not daggy looking ones. I'm pretty sure you like your pants under your bump too don't you ?? This is wear these ones sit.

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    I spent a bit.. I needed nice clothes as well as comfy daggy clothes.. and they get worn so much even if it is just for that one season, they need to take a bit of wear & tear! I did buy with the view of having more babies (and being pg in similar seasons).. but don't rely on that.. my maternity clothes don't fit from last time coz my belly is a completely different shape! I'm the same weight as last time, just a different shape LOL, so still had to buy some more for this pg.

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    After Charlie was born, I binned most of my maternity clothes as they has seen too much love.

    So when I got pg with Lexie I was faced with the prospect of buying new maternity clothes all over again, which I really didn;t want to do.

    But I knew I would want to be comfy and look as flattered as possible, so I bit the bullet and bought a few key peices, and looking back I am really glad I did.

    I then passed them on to Danni, and Ebayed a few things too.

    From memory, I a couple of bits off Ebay too...bargains......

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    I'd get them Sarah. I spent that much-ish each on 2 pairs of jeans last pregnancy, and that's pretty much all I wore - 2 pairs of jeans!

    This time I'm pregnant in a completely different season, and am finding there are heaps of elasticised and wrap skirts around, which I am really enjoying.

    Anyway, that was very disjointed, but my point is, if you think you'll get heaps of wear out of them, then get them, because they'll be worth it.

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    I've got ALL my maternity clothes off ebay. I got some great 3/4 length pants for $18 and a few shorts ready for summer for $14 each and they are brand new still with their tags !!!!

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    Go for it Sarah. You'll wear them enough to make the purchase worthwhile.

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    I would go for it Sarah - given we are heading into summer you will no doubt get heaps of wear out of them and as you are saying this wont be your last pregnancy then I think you should get your moneys worth.

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    the pants that i wear there is no maternity kind in them. i dont like pants that sit right on my knees. at the mo i am wearing gym pants the shorter ones (not the up ya bum ones either) they r just a size bigger cause i am sooooooooo bloated. i dont knwo wat i am goign to do when i get bigger. i cant really wear skirts cause i am always on the floor with the kids

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    I've bought a few bits and pieces, mainly off of ebay, you really can pick up some bargains on there!
    My way of thinking is that I'm not feeling at my "prettiest" or all that attractive at the moment, so if I find something that makes me feel slightly pretty then I'm gonna buy it!!

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    I spent way more on maternity clothes than I wanted to when I was pg with Jack. But on the plus side I didn't need anything extra the second time, although by the end things only just fit! I think that if you will get some wear out of it, go for it. Then you can use that to justify more kids LOL! But if you don't have more it doesn't matter, you can give it to a friend or family member, or sell them on EBay.

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    I got some clothes from Kmart, some from Target sales and alot from ebay including pumkin patch jeans and summer dress, bargain!

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    I agree with what many others have said, in regards to spending the $$$ on key pieces. I bought a pair of shorts from a maternity shop in Adelaide for $80 & wore them soooo much & as they could be made bigger or smaller with a strap instead of just a stretchy band I actually wore them flat out after having Charlie until I could get back into my other clothes. As for tops I just bought from Kmart or Target a size or 2 bigger than normal as I found even the clothes in their maternity section were way over priced!!! I got my two denim maternity skirts on ebay much cheaper & they too were great.

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    I've been looking in catalogues too thinking this summer's not a bad one to be pregnant in, with all the loose fitting tops that gather under the bust, should be plenty of room for a belly! Not much I can do about pregnant-tuck-shop-lady arms though.

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    Buy them!!!

    Like a lot of others, I bought things from K-mart and BigW and a lot of stuff off ebay. Then I bought a few expensive things (like some awesome jeans that I lived in) that I fell in love with and it was sooo worth it. So if they are what you are looking for, you won't regret it.

    I also have a lot of corporate type stuff for work that I'm not going to get wear out of this time. Oh well, I guess I'll have to go shopping! LOL

    Sorry, just had to add my $0.02.


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