Yes, I do like L'Occitane as well... I used to use Clinique but the chemical ****tails used by them scared me off.... plus the results weren't worth the cost. I still buy Clinique foundation (because it's the best one with 15SPF sunscreen in it that I have tried)... and lippy (only worn rarely) but like you said Deb, I am very aware that daily use of of sooooo many chemicals is very concerning.

I'm thinking it could be my mum... I seem to recall her saying something about a parcel when I spoke to her last (the boys were making it hard for me to concentrate on the phone so i missed the details)... she told me not to open it until Christmas.

I probably will use it briefly, only because so many people seem so happy with the results. I have a little bit of pigmentation discolouration (probably only noticible to me) on my forehead from medication i had to take earlier this year... maybe it will help to fade that? But I'm fairly certain won't be using it for the long term. If there is an ongoing cost to my gift giver then i'll have to think of a tactful way of saying "thankyou but no thankyou".

Shame they didn't buy me some more MiEssence garnet skin scrub!!! Now THAT'S a product I do love!!!