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Thread: Reverse Perm?

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    Default Reverse Perm?

    Hi girls.

    I have really curly hair and have previously had thermal reconditioning straightening done to it with great results. My hair was totally straight and looked and felt very healthy.

    I am considering getting it done again (in Chinatown, Sydney) but it costs approx $300. I was told the other day about a local place that does something like a reverse perm, and is MUCH cheaper.

    Has anyone had a reverse perm? Or any hairdressers out there have any thoughts on them? Is my hair going to end up damaged and harder to handle? That is the last thing I want, obviously But it would be good not to have to spend hundreds of dollars!

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks ladies.

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    I also have my hair straightened - thermal..
    I have seen 2 people have this reverse perm thing. I don't think I would suggest it. It doesnt last nearly as long and also damages the hair more than the thermal way.
    Oh and it doesnt seem to straighten as well - not nearly as perfect.

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    If it were me, I'd stick with what you know SL - you know thermal works and looks great.

    $300 isn't too bad, considering how long it lasts.

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