thread: Is it safe?

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    Jul 2004

    Is it safe?

    Would it be safe to get a lip piercing while im still breastfeeding?

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    Sep 2008
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    I guess it would be safe as long as they dont use any anesthetic. The antiseptic you would need to put on wouldnt go through your milk or anything I dont think.

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    local anesthetics are ok too as they are just that local...(its why you can go to the dentist and have work done still)

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    The risk of infection is probably much larger and the piercing might take twice as long to heal just becuase your body is putting so much energy into making milk. There is always a larger risk of infection with mouth piercings anyway but if I were you I would wait it out.

    I highly doubt they would pierce you as you have to sign an agreement stating that you are not sick, pregnant or brestfeeding. If you did get an infection and it did spread to other body parts it could get to your baby via milk so I wouldn't risk it, but it is your call.

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    even if it did get infected there are safe antibiotics to take whilst breastfeeding. Personally, i would say go for it. Not saying it will get infected tho.. if its cleaned properly etc. You can get all sorts of infections.. flu..thrush...etc etc so i cant see why it would be any different. U can still BF when you have these.........

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    I always thought it was better to wait because of the very very small risk of infections like hepatitis and HIV? There is no evidence that breastfeeding won't pass these infections on.

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    Amanda is right - you are at a higher risk of infection whilst breastfeeding, and your body will divert energy to heal the wound, potentially compromising your supply and causing it to heal slower.

    Personally, I wouldn't. I would also be a bit reluctant to have a healing or freshly healed (and thus more sensitive, because it won't have built up the layers of scar tissue) piercing near the hands of what will soon become a highly inquisitive baby who loves to play with mouths (and the shiny things in them).

    Hollye, FWIW, and I'm not trying to nitpick here, flu and thrush are not infections, they are a virus and a fungus, both of which behave quite differently (and can still be passed on to the baby). Wound infection can potentially lead to blood poisoning at its worst, which requires very powerful antibiotics that I don't believe are suitable for breastfeeding. In any case, any illness, infection or virus is going to drain a mum of energy and potentially decrease supply - the difference is that one doesn't have a choice whether they get flu or thrush.

    Antheia, if you do decide to go ahead with it, try to eat really, really well (lots of fresh fruit and veg) and perhaps take a multi-vitamin that counteracts infection that is safe for breastfeeding.