thread: stretchmarks

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    Mar 2009


    Hi all! What do you use for the stretchmarks after giving birth? Have you tried anything that was effective? Thanks for the help!

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    Jul 2006

    Nothing has worked here....they are my battle marks that symbolise my 3 gorgeous kids and will fade eventually

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    Jun 2007

    I used bio oil daily through my pregnancy and didn't get stretch marks until just days before DD was born.

    I've continued to use it and nine months later the stretch marks have faded completely, and my c-section scar has faded lots. I highly recommend bio oil it's been great!

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    Sep 2008
    Sunshine Coast QLD

    I used bio oil as well during my first pregnancy most nights and found it really good and only got a couple of stretchmarks on my stomach that showed up after id given birth but faded quite quickly. I also used it on some i got on my "love handles" and found that it helped with them fading a swell. Im using it again this time. Its nice if you put a couple of drops in the bath it leaves your skin so supple and smooth. ( can be slippery tho getting out). Or my friend loved palmers cocoa butter for stretchmarks and said that made her skin nice and smelt nice too. Good luck!

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    rosehip oil is also good.