thread: T-gel while preg????? HELP

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    T-gel while preg????? HELP

    not sure if this is in the right spot
    well im 35 weeks preg and have been using it the whole time and i just read on it yesterday it is not recommended for preg or while breastfeeding does anyone know why or if i should stop using it or not? Just Really lost

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    I have always used it through my pgs and never had an issue. My Dr knew I was using it and he never said anything either. I don't know why it would be recommended not to use it - it's not any more harmful than any other shampoo you would buy in regards to chemical content.

    ETA - good old Google tells me that it's not recomended for use during pg or bf simply because no studies have been down to show whether it passes through to the milk or not or if it has an effect on an unborn child, so until then it is not recommended for use (to cover their own bum bascially JIC a pg or bf woman does use it and something does happen to happen, but in all my years of using I doubt anything would happen)
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    T gel

    Did you talk to your doctor? I am 14 weeks preg and have been using tgel too!!
    i am SUPER scared.