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Thread: What exactly is "formal"?!

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    Default What exactly is "formal"?!

    Hi there!

    I'm going to a wedding in April, and I've just received the invite - and the dress is "formal".

    Now I'm going to be about 12wks preg then, and don't really have any formal ball gowns or anything, & the only nice dresses I have are shorter (knee/slightly above knee length) and they are already preg friendly.

    SO my question is - what do you consider formal these days? Can I get away with a shorter dress?

    Any suggestions/ideas/opinions welcome!

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    Default re formal

    I think that as long as they look dressy you should be fine, are they like ****tail dresses? they probably just say formal so people dont show up in jeans etc. Maybe just dress up the shoes and have your hair done nicely for the event. Another option would be to give them a call and ask what they think. If it was me i would just wear the shorter dresses and put more effort into shoes/hair etc. Have a good time xx

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    Absolutely you can glam up anything, and really thats all formal is! So I'd go with a dress that suits your current situation and go with that. A bit of face & hair, some nice shoes and some bling and you'll be stunningly formal

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    i have a wedding in 2 weeks, which is also formal dress... i dont own anything formal! not even black pants! i got rid of them when i stopped working, as they were to 'work' looking lol

    im planning on buying some new pants, and maybe borrowing a top off SIL, she goes out all the time, where as, i live in trakkies//jeans and plain tops!
    if not, ill just pick a top i already have, buy a new belt to put over top, beaded necklace of some sort and do my hair.. thats about as formal as i can be!

    sorry im not help, i think your dress will be fine!

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