for me anywhere from Kmart to Cue and a few independent boutiquey places near me. But I want to start sewing because, let's face it, everything's overpriced. But being a SAHM currently, means I have lots more time on my hands to shop so I'm pretty picky about what I buy and end up spending nowhere near as much as I used to because I'll scout around more for something I really want/need rather than buying something I don't really want/need just to have my retail fix.

For DD - again a real mixture. I try to stock up on her next size in the sales so I don't think I've bought a full-price item yet. We've been lucky to get hand-me-downs from a friend and I also buy lots of her stuff from Kmart/Target then splurge a bit on a few things (sale or eBay) from Fred Bare, Sprout and Moppit.