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Thread: Who uses Nutrimetics?

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    I used to use the Nutrimetics foaming cleanser and scrub which was the best I could find for my skin at the time. Then I discovered Miessence and haven't looked back. Organic is brilliant, my skin is better than it's ever been.

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    yeah, laranna, i use the miessence toothpaste.

    bit weird at first, but once you get used to it you could never imagine going back to standard toothpaste!

    and lipstick.... heres some food for thought:

    Is Your Lipstick Full of Lead? | Wired Science from

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    Not a lippy girl myself, so not too many worries there.

    That's a lot of brands Catriona, I'll have to keep an eye out! I'm using a shampoo and conditioner with no (argh, pregnancy blank, word that means 'things that strip oil from hair!) so that's good.
    I mostly just watch the ingredient list, since they have to be listed in order of quantity. I understand many of the ones I don't understand but are right near the end are preservatives, and used in minute quantities. I definitely steer clear of the unidentifiable ingredients anywhere near the start!

    I also think we use too much of many things - shampoo especially - it doesn't take much at all for hair to be cleaned, and here are people using heaps so they get a good foam - and the foam isn't a cleaning ingredient anyway is it? - it's a filler to help spread the shampoo and make people feel like it's working cos it's all foamy.

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    Instead of conditioners, I use a lemon, apple cider vinegar, chamomile tea brew. It makes blonde hair beautifully soft (can't remember the recipes for red/dark hair)

    I have tried all sorts of face creams but after a few months, my skin kicks up a stink and I end up back with the basics - oatmeal, powered milk scrub/mask for my face (you need to use it in the bath/shower) and masks are basically eggs - yolk on first 10 minutes later put the white on (it tightens the skin). Plus the upside is that it is all natural ingredients and if you get sick of mixing it up for your face you can cook it!

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    Thumbs down

    I had not been to a Nutrimetics party for 20years and went to one late last year.

    So, i purchased their new Mascara ... By far NOT GREAT & especially at $29.95 a pop

    Would rather buy a mascara from Priceline

    ... And I purchased a new eyeshadow ... Well, it had NO staying power

    Though years ago they use to have a huge translucent facial exfoliating soap ... But for whatever reason no longer had it ... What a shame as it was FANTASTIC !!

    *** Bring back the THAT soap i say

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    Default nutrimetics

    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs P View Post
    I've recently been converted to Nutrimetics hydrafinity face range (the pink bottles). My skin is sensitive, I've suffered with eczema (including on my eyelids) throughout my life, so I'm always really careful about what I put on my face.
    I tried Clinique for a while but it just wasn't that great for me. Plus it was $$! Then I tried some Lancome stuff, the moisturiser was amazing but it was $99!!

    So I went along to a Nutrimetics party and loved being able to *try before you buy* and do a facial! I ended up having my own party - great idea if you want to buy a range of stuff as you get discounts.

    I was going to get their 'comfort' range (for sens. skin) but tried the pink range instead and I love it!

    But my hot tip - once you know what products you want - have a look on eBay instead hee hee. I just ordered a 4 piece pink set including a bag for $70 including registered post - that would have cost around $120 at a party!

    Anyone else like using their stuff??

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    Yeah I think I bought the nutrimetics mascara way back when I was in high school! Didn't really like it, so I don't buy make-up from them anymore!

    My friend just had a nutrimetics party a few months ago though, and I did actually buy something! I was shocked because I never seem to think things are worth the $$!

    I got the Spa pack which came with some pretty good stuff for only $120 or something. It came with an awesome rejuvenating hand scrub (it SO sold me as we got to try it ) and hand balm too for after the scrub. Also came with a face and body mist spritz thing that's pretty good! Also came with Nourishing eye pads which I have yet to try, and a warming facial mask which you're meant to use like once a week- but haven't tried that yet either! Last thing it came with was the Nutri-oil (enriched with apricot oil) pretty good for dry skin like your feet or elbows and also good as a lip balm!

    Every day I just use a clean and clear facewash (the orange morning burst one with the beads in it) and it works a treat for me! But yeah each product is different for everyone and I don't have sensitive skin which makes it easier for me!

    Oh and when I was at the Nutrimetics party I got to choose from the $10 basket and got an awesome aroma therapy foot balm- it just rubs in and has peppermint, tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil in it .. SO good!

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    I tried using nutrimetics but i found it was too harsh for my skin & i broke out in eczema & blotches after using it because I have extra sensitive skin & get really bad eczema... i found a really good moisturiser that I havent had any reactions to but i forget what it was called but i will ask my mum later & get back to u

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    Hi sashels - yes I did eventually receive the items, but she ripped me off totally on postage (I paid $15 for registered post, she sent it in a $5.30 normal satchel).
    Because it wasn't padded, the lid of the moisturiser broke! Luckily it didn't leak (because they have that inner lid thingy) and I can replace it with the lid of my current jar when it runs out. I contacted her requesting that she refund my postage but no response. She's no longer a registered user on ebay so I can't leave her negative feedback!

    It's always that one bad apple that spoils it!

    Anyway I'm still loving the pink range!! The spray toner lasts for ages! And I really like the moisture boost serum and the eye gel too

    PS welcome to BB! You'll love it here!

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    I used the nutrimetics baby range on my DS as Johnson & johnson stuff left him with a nasty rash, problem is it is no longer in there catolouges, i found the wash was the best thing for his skin, as for me, well i dont wear any make up etc so i dont use it except for the fruit shower gels yummy.

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    Default hey

    hey ladies

    Mrs P - so glad you got your products- finally- though what a rip off!!! Postage to any Nutri Customer is only $6.95- they are prob not a reg user anymore as they may have been a consultant!! hope not- Your not supposed to sell products on Ebay!!! Bad on them!!!

    Hey Sashels
    We run into each other everywhere!!!

    i agree- the showergels are soo yummy- i have just got the dewberry one- and i use it on my son as well as he has sensitive skin- like me-poor thing- and yes i am pretty sure they have discontinued the baby range- which is unfortunate as i know a lot of girls that would have been interested!!!

    talk soon gals

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    Thanks for the welcome Mrs P !! Sorry to hear she still ripped you off, and didn't bother protecting your product. Yep, hi Erin! I love all of these forums, although I so should be cleaning when bubs is sleeping!!!

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    Oh NEVER go near the Honey and Almond (I think) scrub or facewash. I can't tell you how many people I came across that it totally ruined their skin. In some cases it almost burnt them.

    Don't worry about the glycerine soaps - get them from Body Shop, they are heaps cheaper!

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    Smile Nurtimetics

    Quote Originally Posted by melham74 View Post
    Georgie on Ice is my absolute fav.............I love nutrimetics but cant find a consultant close to me, might have to try ebay too.
    Hi melham74,

    I know this thread is over 1 year old and you were talking about Nutrimetics consultants.... well I am a consultant here in Brisbane and if I can help in anyway please feel free to contact me [email protected]


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