thread: Getting our autospy results

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    Getting our autospy results

    We have just received our Autopsy results. We do not see the Foetal Specialist until May 10th so until then we haven?t been given alot of answers from our GP. I was wanting to know if anyone else has had similar results.

    There is chorionitis with retroplacental Haemorrhage
    (think this means an infection in the placenta)
    That is of no suprise to us as I had a fair bit of bleeding through out the pregnacy and at conception through to 7 weeks I unknowinly had gardia

    Echogenic Bowel appears to be related to a meconium plug within a loop of small intestine. Potential causes included Cystic Fibrosis Testing was preformed it came back negative.

    If anyone can make any sense of this that would be great I don't want to Google it as I think it will cause me more stress worrying about things that might have nothing to do with it. (I mistake that I have made in the past)


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    Sorry, i wish i could help you !

    Just wanted to give you a

    Take care

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    I also wish i could help...
    i just wanted to this because someone who knows may have missed it!

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    Sorry i cant help but just wanted to say that you are doing the right thing not googling it! You are right you will just get into an information muddle and make it so much harder to make sense of what the DR will tell you on the 10th!

    Huge hugs and wishing you all the support in the world!

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    I googled both terms for you.

    Chorionitis - yep an infection, and it seems as though the Giardia may be responsible, the ref I read quoted e coli etc as a possible cause for the infection.

    Echogenic Bowel - its a 'soft marker' for things like Downs etc which is why they would have tested for CP. Its appears to only be a very small problem and most bubs go on to be ok.

    There were no frightening images or anything, just lots of scientific terms and diagrams on a cellular level. I hope this helps a little.