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Thread: How/When did you decide re: Tubal Ligation.

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    Question How/When did you decide re: Tubal Ligation.

    So DP and i have basically said NO MORE KIDS, before we got together i didn't even want kids, then we decided TWO and thats it, i would much prefer to provide what i can for the 2 i have than use them as an excuse for not doing or providing things later in life (my own choice not anything against other ppl).

    Now every GP i have seen have said NO CHANCE of getting your tubes tied your under 30 no-one will touch you same with DP he's under 35 no-one will give him the snip, we only have 2 kids etc etc.

    So today i go to the OBGYN about Mirena, he asks why and i said well no-one will do my tubes and i want a more 'fool proof' contraceptive than the mini pill while BFing.
    He said i would do your tubes BUT it's something i would suggest that you consider quite highly before you decide as it's permanent.
    He gave me reasons why me might decide to have more children etc and suggested we wait and have the Mirena for a year or two and then decide.

    So how did you choose whats right for you???

    I mentioned it to DP, he's suggested we wait the 5yrs with the Mirena and then discuss, he said he might just want to try for a boy in a few years time.
    Basically when/if his nan passes we get a share in the sale of her house which would financially free us a little to possibly add to our family but TBH i am not sure, i am happy with 2....

    So what weighed on your mind, it's not something i want to do right away but i want to know how other people chose to make that decision... hope i'm making some sense.

    Still in shock someone said they would do it.

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    i dont have my tubes tied but i do have the mirena and i quiet like it, my plan was to have it for the 4 years then DH would get the snip but tbh i think i;ll get it again and save DH getting the snip for now, no AF etc... maybe try the temp measure like the OB suggests, save making a mistake

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    there's good reason why the doc said under 30 hun.

    I was 27 an when W was 1 I got my tubes clamped...reason was because I knew my child was 'different' and I had to give him my everything...anther child, I was led to believe would interfer in that..I woke from surgery and knew i had made the wrong decission. That was in took me almost 3 years to get a reversal, which I might add was extremely painfull.
    When we had V we were asked as I was having a c/s if I wasnt my tubes 'done' and both J and I screamed NO at the same time (this was whilst being wheeled to theater mind you.
    After having a horendous pg with M and him almost dying that we would have my tubes removed if anything, which we did. Reason being...I fell pg 3 times whilst my tubes were beware..nothing is 100%

    Good luck

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    I'm 24 and I had my tubes clamped a month ago. The OB/GYN looked at my pregnancy, birth and mental history before making his decision. He still tried to talk me out of it and to get the mirena though. Both my partner and I are very happy with the children we do have and neither want any more. Both our boys have extra needs which require more of our time. Not that that's a reason, but it just added to the main 3 things the OB/GYN looked at.

    I had to be medicated to get through Tristan's pregnancy and I still suffer daily from the trauma of having Brendan. I cannot go through another pregnancy or birth and to us our only option left is adoption (or surrogacy) but for now we are focussing our attention on our gorgeous boys.

    My advice is to think about it long and hard, it is a surgery after-all.

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    Have PMed you, hun. x

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    We were going to get my tubes tied with Ds3 but I said to Dh I wasn't finished even though he was.. In the end we decided together to go for a 4th and that I would get my tubes tied when I got the C/s..

    My old neighbour got her tubes tied when her 2nd child was only 9 months old she isn't 30 till next year so I think she was 26 or 27 when she had hers done and she doesn't regret it at all..

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