thread: Birthday cake-help

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    Jul 2009

    Birthday cake-help

    Dd is 2 soon and I really want to make her a nice birthday cake. I can make cakes, basic non iced cakes but I want something better than that. I've been looking at cake tins on eBay and while I'm confident I could do the cake shape, how do I ice it? Or is there something else I can do that is good without too much icing? I've got to do 2, one for kindy which I'm thinking cupcakes and 1 for the family and I'm thinking a proper cake. Pressure as the family cooks will all be there and they'd happily make it for me but I really want to do it myself.

    Would love some guidance if you have any please

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    Jun 2010
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    Will fb u a link I used

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    Jul 2009

    Thank you lovely lady!

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    Jan 2007

    I have used Betty Crocker icing and dyed it with food dye perfectly in the past! Made lots between the 2 of them and about to make a rainbow cake for DD in May (um it is May, I mean a few weeks time ) I've not used fondant but know lots of people who use the ready made one easily!

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    Dec 2007

    Don't bother buying a tin, hire one from your local cake making place. They will also be happy to help you with tips and advice, plus they will have all sorts of things there like boards and icing for you to look at and buy. A good relationship with your local cake place is invaluable!