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Thread: Jam Drop Biscuit recipes please !!

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    Question Jam Drop Biscuit recipes please !!

    Hi all,

    I'm in need of some yummy Jam Drop Biscuit/Cookie recipes (or Black eye Suzie as my Mum calls them )

    Basically any soft biscuit recipes with any flavour of jam on top.

    The recipe i use even though it's not bad i'm not too crazy about the scone dough taste it has, so i'm after recipes a bit more tasty IYKWIM (i've tried adding desiccated cocount to the dough but still tasted bland, maybe i didn't add enough) !!

    TIA for any replies

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    I got my recipe for them from taste - google 'jam drop biscuits' and it is the first link that comes up. They are really nice.

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