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    Smile Mudcake Recipe

    Ok so i have finally decided that i am goin to make mudcake cupcakes for DS 1st Birthday next weekend so i was wandering if any of you lovely ladies or men have a mudcake recipe that i could use.....


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    I have one for white chocolate I can't see why you couldn't use milk or dark chocolate though

    • 250grm butter, chopped
    • 150grm white eating chocolate, chopped coarsely
    • 2cups (440grm) caster sugar
    • 1 cup (250ml) milk
    • 1 1/2 cups (225grm) plain flour
    • 1/2 cup (75grm) SR flour
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    • 2 eggs lightly beaten
    • flowers and cachous

    1. preheat oven 160c (140c fan forced) line 2 12 hole standar muffin pans with paper cases
    2. combine butter, choclate, sugar and milk in med saucepan; stir over low heat, without boiling, until smooth. transfer mixture to med bowl; cool 15min
    3. whisk sifted flours, then vanilla and egg in choclate mixture. divide mix among cakes; bake about 35min. turn cakes, top-side up, onto wire rack to cool
    4. make fluffy frosting
    5. spread cakes with frosting decorate with flowers and cachous

    fluffy frosting
    • 1 cup caster sugar
    • 1/3 cup (80ml) water
    • 2 egg whites

    1. combine sugar and water in sml saucepan;stir over low heat; without boiling; until sugar dissolves
    2. bring to boil; boil uncovered, without stirring, about 3min or till syrup is thick
    3. remove from heat allow bubbles to subside.
    4. test the syrup by dropping a tsp into cold water syrup should form a soft ball when rolled between fingers (114c on sugar therm)
    5. syrup should not color if it does discard
    6. just before it reaches correct temp, beat egg white till firm
    7. when syrup is at temp allow bubbles to subside then with electric mixer on med speed pour a thin stream of syrup into egg white (slowly)
    8. continue to beat on high speed about 5min till thick frosting should be barely warm by then


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    Thanks for that Rachel... I'll give it a test run over the weekend


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    Chocolate Chunk Mudcake

    * 200g butter, chopped
    * 300g good-quality dark chocolate (I use Cadbury Cooking Chocolate)
    * 1/4 cup hot water
    * 1/4 cup cocoa powder
    * 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    * 1 cup caster sugar
    * 3 eggs, lightly beaten
    * 3/4 cup self-raising flour
    * pure icing sugar, to serve

    1. Preheat oven to 160?C. Grease a 6cm deep, 20cm (base) round cake pan. Line with baking paper.
    2. Place butter, 200g chopped chocolate and hot water in a heatproof, microwave-safe bowl. Microwave, uncovered, on HIGH (100%) for 2 to 3 minutes, stirring every minute with a metal spoon, or until smooth. Add cocoa to warm chocolate mixture. Stir until smooth. Stir in vanilla, caster sugar and egg. Sift flour over chocolate mixture. Stir gently to combine.
    3. Pour half the batter into cake pan. Chop remaining chocolate and sprinkle half over batter. Top with remaining batter and chopped chocolate. Bake cake for 55 to 60 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre has moist crumbs clinging.
    4. Allow cake to cool completely in pan. Remove and dust with icing sugar. Serve.

    I tend not to use icing sugar on top, I buy a tub of Betty Crocker Frosting - so good!
    As for adding extra chocolate - it can make the cake sink in the centre, but tastes so good!

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    This is the Mudcake recipe I always use, but I have never made it in to cup cakes, so I don't know how long to cook it for or at what temp. It is our favourite cake I think.

    Mississippi Mud Cake

    250g butter of margarine
    150g dark chocolate (dark cooking choc)
    2 cups sugar (i use white sugar)
    1 cup hot water
    1/3 cup whisky (this is the mississippi part!)
    1 tblsp dry instant coffee
    1 1/2 cups plain flour
    1/4 cup self raising flour
    1/4 cup cocoa powder
    2 lightly beaten eggs

    Grease and line a 23 cm square pan.
    Combine butter, chocolate, sugar, water, whisky and coffee in large saucepan over low heat.
    Stir in flours and cocoa, then eggs.
    (At this point, mine is always full of flour lumps, so I spoon and press the mixture through a strainer, and it turns out beautiful!)
    Pour into prepared pan.
    Bake in moderate slow oven for approximately 1 1/4 hours (test with skewer).
    Stand 10 minutes on wire rack before turning out.
    Serve dusted with icing sugar or covered in ganache icing and King Island Cream (the most lusciously thick cream around!). If you have any left over the day after, cut a slice, and microwave it for around 30 seconds. The ganache and cake melt a bit, and its wonderful!

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    Thank you ladys they all sound YUMMY now if only i ate cake LOL
    I will try them thro the week

    Once again thanks for the recipes

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    hey there is a recipe for chocolate cupcakes in last weeks new idea

    sound oh so easy and oh so chocolaty it uses packet mixes so would be quick and simple

    1. 375hrm pack moist chocolate cake mix
    2. 85grm pack instant chocolate mousse dessert mix
    3. 3/4 cup lemonade
    4. 2 eggs
    5. 100grms butter, melted
    6. 12 squares of caramello choclate
    7. 1/2 cup milk choc melts, melted
    8. 12 maltesers to decorate

    • line a 12 hole muffin pan with cases
    • empty cake mix into bowl add mousse mix lemonade, eggs and butter. using a wooden spoon combine divide mix among cases (about 1/4 cup each) push a chocolate square half way into each
    • cook in mod oven (180c) for 20min, or until cooked when tested. Transfer to a wire rack to cool
    • spread melted chocolate over cakes and top with a malteser
    • allow to set a room temp

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    I just use the white wings packet (the one that comes with icing) and it is sooooo easy and very yummy!!! Better then most store bought ones.

    But then I am lazy, hehe. Good Luck

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