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Thread: White Chocolate moose

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    Default White Chocolate moose

    how to make this, anyone know?

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    same as brown choc mousse?
    heres this from a perth radio station website..
    Chocolate mousse - light or dark

    Chef: Ann Meyer
    720 Afternoon's regular cook (Wednesdays at 2.45)

    Smooth, delightful after dinner treats in your choice of colour

    Serves 4

    Degree of difficulty: Medium

    You need:
    170 grammes of white chocolate (use Swiss or Belgian)
    65 grammes of egg whites, whipped
    40 grammes of icing sugar, fold into the whipped egg whites
    2 leafs of gelatine softened in 5 tablespoons of hot sugar syrup
    250 grammes of sugar to 250 millilitres of water, heat gently till sugar is dissolved and syrupy, not coloured
    100 millilitres of double cream, do not use thickened cream
    400 millilitres of single cream

    Melt chocolate gently over a double boiler… saucepan with 2 cm of water, simmering, chocolate in bowl over water.
    Remove the saucepan from the heat the minute the chocolate starts to melt.
    Whip the creams together until soft peaks form.
    Fold into the chocolate. Add the gelatine and sugar syrup mixture.
    Stir till combined with no lumps.
    Fold in the egg whites
    Use exactly the same method for dark chocolate mousse...just use dark chocolate.

    Spoon into glasses or cylindrical moulds.
    Leave to set in the fridge for two hours.

    Serving Suggestion: With the white chocolate mousse serve berries and anglaise
    With the dark chocolate mousse serve with orange segments.

    Leftover Potential: Yum

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    ooh theres a really easy one on the toblerone website, just white toblerone and cream. sorry cant paste it.

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    I had white chocolate moussecake with rasberry swirl at a cafe once and it was so fantastic I got the recipe and had it served at my wedding...



    _10 egg whites
    1/4 cup castor sugar
    400g white chocolate
    500mL cream, lightly whipped
    3 tablespoons Cointreau
    1/2 punnet fresh rasberries (can use frozen)

    Whisk egge whites and sugar until soft peaks.
    Beat in melted chocolate and liqueur.
    Fold in lightly whipped cream and rasberries, taking care not to break the berries which will stain the mixture.
    Freeze until firm in 9 inch spring form cake tin.
    Remove from tin, cut into wedges and serve with rasberry sauce.


    1 tablespoon Cointreau
    1 punnet fresh rasberries (can use frozen)
    1/4 cup castor sugar
    2 tablespoons water

    Place rasberries in a food processor with sugar, cointreau and water and mix
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    Oooh, that moussecake (mousecake) sounds delicious. I could eat some right now.
    I wonder, if you got a recipe for ordinary choc mousse and just exchanged the chocolate for white chocolate, if it would then be too sweet, as white chocolate is something like 90% sugar. Just a thought. Any choccie experts out there?

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